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Support SME’s post-covid with ‘faster payments’

Open banking payments benefit customers and businesses alike

Around 57% of UK small business owners have experienced problems with their cash flow, driven in part by the lag between providing goods and services and receiving payments. As well as the high transaction cost, card payments often take days to reach businesses and are subject to costly chargebacks. According to IntuitQuickbooks, over a third of UK small business owners who have had cash flow issues have been left unable to pay debts. These challenges mean UK small business owners lose £26,000 on average by being forced to turn down work, specifically due to issues created by insufficient cash flow.

On a more personal level, a survey by TotallyMoney revealed that in the UK 9 in 10 people feel uncomfortable about asking friends and family to pay them money they owe. In an awkwardness meter, this ranked higher than asking to borrow money and being owed money in the first place. With the average debt at around £100, when people do decide to get over the awkwardness and ask for money back, they are often forced to ask twice before seeing money returned.

🧑🏽‍🔧 How can we help?

Payments don’t need to be slow, use clunky technology, awkward to request, or drive spiralling debt mountains. The traditional approach to bank transfer payments has in part driven the societal problems we’re seeing. However, the Faster Payments Network and Open Banking offer a revolutionary new solution, one that is pioneered by billx.

👀 See all your accounts in one place

billx is linked to all your personal bank accounts. This means you can view your real-time balances, move funds between accounts and most importantly, you make payments from the money you have, not what you’re borrowing. No more debt!

🤝 Support business cash flow

Businesses receive payments immediately using open banking, solving significant cash flow challenges in a post-covid world. Instead of waiting days for card payments, they save money on crippling fees with much lower transaction costs and no longer need to worry about keeping customer card details safe from hackers and fraudsters.

🙏🏼 Request money easily

Unique payment request links are created directly from your personal bank account without room for error, and can be shared via the billx app or any messaging service. As a sole trader, this can also makes customer payments simple and immediate.

💸 Pay your way

Use QR codes and one-touch biometric payments straight from any bank. No typing, no copy and paste, and no awkward waiting or chasing. Do it on the spot.

Instant payments are secure and simple with billx. Sign up for early access:



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Michael Wilkinson

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