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Biloba is transforming the world of prescriptions — They are finally readable, instructive & unforgeable.

Biloba becomes the first teleconsultation app to present its prescriptions in a completely integrated way. Reading your prescription will never be the same.

Here at Biloba, the user experience of the prescription has been a key focus for many years.

This document: we all know it, we all have used it hundreds of times in our lives — It’s a commodity. We know who delivers it, who it is for, and what it’s used for.

Yet, it has never evolved. This is not a prescription that adapted to us and to our needs, but one that we have had to adapt to. And despite its inadequacy with the times we’re living in, we are still using it.

The format of the prescription has never evolved

In 30 years, the only evolution we have seen is its digitalization. We went from pen + stamp + carbon paper to prescription printed from the doctor’s software to the most recent adaptation, the PDF, which only avoids the printing step.

Apart from the major issue of forgery it has caused (we will discuss it soon), the user experience of medical prescriptions has remained the same because of a simple structural issue : This document has 2 very different recipients : The patient & the pharmacist.

Reading your prescription will never be the same

After our pediatric consultations, prescriptions are delivered directly through the app, in a mobile friendly way & aimed only for patients using the app.

What we display on it is different than what is displayed on a document that is aimed for the pharmacist. We remove acronyms & only keep the full words. We add the instructions of our doctors.

And on top of everything, we add useful information on molecules & medicines. What is Forlax for ? Can paracetamol help to heal an infection ? [no] What is Rifamcyne exactly ? Etc..

This prescription is therefore enjoyable to read, instructive & explanatory.

Of course, the experience is fully integrated with Biloba. Have an additional question about dosage ? Open a new conversation and we will answer in minutes. A prescription refill? We will send it to you straight away. And in an almost magical way, our doctors will get in touch with you towards the end of the treatment.

Those prescriptions are accepted in all the pharmacies in France. They are signed electronically & tamper-proof thanks to our partner Ordoclic.

This is the prescription we all prayed to have at Biloba, and it is now available for all of our users.
We think & hope that a few years from now, all prescriptions will look like this.

What’s next ? That’s obvious : In a few weeks, we will offer you the click & collect in our pharmacies. For free.
By springtime, you’ll be able to get your prescribed medicines delivered within 48 hours, anywhere in France.

Biloba is the #1 app for on-demand pediatric consultations. Consult a doctor for your child in a few minutes, every day from 8 am to 10 pm. Receive the prescription (if necessary) directly through the app.

The service is accessible in an unlimited way & non-binding for monthly subscriptions (12.99 euros), quarterly (24.99 euros) or yearly (79.99 euros). The app is available on the App Store & Play Store.

Are you a healthcare professional ? We’re always looking forward to widening our teams — Please get in touch with us at



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