Binance Uganda Launches Trading

Fiat-crypto trading on Binance Uganda is now live. Learn more about some of the opportunities that Binance sees in Africa.

Binance Uganda has launched live trading, just a week after enabling preparatory steps like deposits, withdrawal, and user verification. We thank you all for your support and encouragement during the past few days. This is a first step into expanding the cryptocurrency exchange markets for a more inclusive ecosystem that will involve fiat currencies.

A fiat-to-cryptocurrency exchange in Uganda presents great opportunities for the Binance community, and the broader blockchain ecosystem by extension. This country of 44 million people is a progressive nation when it comes to blockchain adoption, thanks to the strong support for the technology from its government and regulators. Key blockchain conferences, associations, and communities have flourished in this African nation, lighting the way for the continent to leverage blockchain technology.

At Binance, we desire to play a huge role in advocating for blockchain-fueled development in Africa. In fact, some of our divisions have opened up about their future plans on the continent.

Support African blockchain startups via Binance Labs

“Investing today in Africa could be the best trade of the century,” said Binance Labs Director Benjamin Rameau in August. Indeed, the investment opportunity in Africa today is similar to that of Asia in the 1960s, before the region’s economic miracles emerged. And this is an opportunity that Binance Labs is willing and capable to take, as blockchain startups emerge in Africa and Binance Uganda encourages increased global adoption of crypto.

Developed economies see blockchain as one of many financial systems to adapt and integrate. In contrast, emerging economies like the ones in Africa will see the technology as a potential backbone for an entirely new financial system that will address the gaps in the region’s existing systems.

(Short aside: Benjamin’s article about Binance Labs’ commitment in Africa is a must-read for us to understand why we’re all in on the continent. Read it here.)

Spearhead the use of blockchain for social good in Africa through the Blockchain Charity Foundation

Beyond supporting Africa’s cryptocurrency and blockchain needs, from education to investment, Binance is also committed to bringing forth development even to those who may not be inclined to buy Bitcoin. And for the Blockchain Charity Foundation (BCF), our charity arm, the continent is an important area of focus. We are in a unique position to help make a difference in Africa, given that Head of BCF, Helen Hai, is recognized for her work in the continent as a UNIDO Goodwill Ambassador for Industrialization in Africa.

Helen has created jobs and campaigned for economic growth and resilience in Africa as the leader of the Made in Africa Initiative for the past five years. With BCF, she is advocating for blockchain as the game-changing technology that will ensure that donations get to those in need more directly.

“I believe my purpose is to empower the bottom billion people in this world,” said Helen, who added that Africa is where the blockchain-powered charity solution will pilot. With Binance Uganda’s entry in the continent, all the synergies possible with not just BCF but also the different units of Binance will be beneficial to the continent as a whole.

UPDATE: Today, during the UNCTAD World Investment Forum in Geneva, Switzerland, Binance CEO CZ announced that we will give $500,000 in donations for Uganda through BCF.

Now, are you excited to see how Binance Uganda grows? Here are some reminders on the details of the exchange:

  • You need to register for a new account at Binance Uganda. Your main Binance account will be separate from the one at Binance Uganda.
  • Just about anyone in the world* can create an account at Binance Uganda.
  • Through Binance Uganda, you can use Ugandan Shillings (UGX) to buy Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH).
  • ID verification will be required in order to withdraw from Binance Uganda.

* Please check with the regulations in your region for whether you can buy Bitcoin, own a crypto exchange account, or engage in other crypto-related activities