Binance + Decentraland = Blockchain Gaming

Under a new collaboration, you can now use Binance Coin on Decentraland’s auction for virtual world spaces via Trust Wallet!

Binance is supporting blockchain-driven gaming innovations by working with Decentraland. Under this collaboration, you can use Binance Coin (BNB) to participate in Decentraland’s upcoming auction for virtual land parcels, called LAND.

You can then use Trust Wallet, Binance’s official crypto wallet app with a built-in dApp browser, to take part in the LAND auction. The auction will begin on December 10, and Trust Wallet users will enter the chance to win LANDs and MANA prizes. What’s more, Binance will host a couple of Decentraland-related events.

Part 1:

Binance will host a trading competition for Decentraland’s MANA token from December 4th, 0:00 AM UTC to December 11th, 0:00 AM UTC. A total of 1.875 million MANA will be given away to top traders during the contest, with the biggest winner also taking home a Binance-branded virtual LAND parcel.

Part 2:

Binance will host a second contest, which will reward users who spend the most on LAND during the LAND Auction through Trust Wallet. The top 4 participants who spend the most on LAND at the auction will earn:

  • First place: 1 LAND parcel worth 100,000 MANA
  • Second place: 1 LAND parcel worth 50,000 MANA
  • Third place: 1 LAND parcel worth 20,000 MANA
  • Fourth place: 1 LAND parcel worth 15,000 MANA

In addition, 50 Trust Wallet participants who purchase LAND at the auction will have a chance to win 10,000 MANA each.

Here are more details of the collaboration.

BNB expands use case to LAND auctions

We have brought multiple use cases for Binance Coin, which currently can be used in more than 100 ways beyond scoring 25% discounts on Binance trading fees. Right now, our Binancians can spend their BNB beyond the trading world — on real-world purchases such as tours, restaurant meals, flights, and even whole planes.

Now, we’re expanding BNB’s use case into virtual world, thanks to Decentraland accepting BNB in its upcoming LAND auction. To further integrate the Binance ecosystem into the virtual world, the auction can be accessed through the dApp browser of our Trust Wallet, once again proving that the crypto wallet app is at the forefront of pushing for the adoption of blockchain technologies.

Decentraland is a platform for building and sharing 3D content by giving its users ownership of their digital space, measured through virtual land parcels called LAND. During its upcoming LAND auction, Decentraland will offer 9,300 unowned LAND parcels for sale.

How to join the LAND auction with BNB and Trust Wallet

If you want to own LAND in the burgeoning virtual landscape, here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can use BNB and Trust Wallet in the auction:

  • Install Trust Wallet now! (Available on Android and iOS.)
  • Load some BNB and/or MANA on your Trust Wallet. You will use this for the auction.
  • Use Trust Wallet’s dApp browser and go to
  • Click the Auction page, browse for LAND and select one (or many) that you’d like to buy.
  • At the bottom of your LAND cart, select BNB or MANA, and proceed with buying LAND.

When you use BNB to purchase LAND, 5% of your BNB will be burned, thus removing it from circulation. The rest is automatically exchanged for MANA, which is also subsequently burned.

If that doesn’t convince you to use BNB and Trust Wallet during Decentraland’s LAND auction, how about this: get a chance to win several LANDs and a total of 500,000 MANA when you use BNB through Trust Wallet during the auction.

But that’s not the only thing in store for the collaboration between Binance and Decentraland. We also have a MANA trading competition for the traders.

Join Binance’s MANA trading competition

From 2018/12/04 0:00 AM (UTC) to 2018/12/11 0:00 AM (UTC), Binance users who trade MANA will get a chance to win bonus MANA tokens. We are giving away 1.8 million MANA to the top 100 Binance users ranked by effective trading volume in MANA during the contest. The 1.8 million MANA will be split based on how much MANA each user traded, in comparison with the total trading volume for the top 100 users.

Become the top MANA trader during the promo, and win one Binance-branded parcel of LAND alongside your bonus MANA.

And if you weren’t able to be part of the top 100, you still get a chance to be one of the 10 lucky Binancians who get 7,500 MANA each. You become part of our lucky draw for MANA if you traded at least 30,000 MANA in total effective trading volume during the competition.

Cryptocurrency trading is subject to high market risk. Binance is not responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential losses as a result of the trading competition. Please make your trades with caution. Binance reserves the right to disqualify trades which are deemed unfair or display attributes of market manipulation.