Direct Mentors vs. Indirect Mentors: Why Both Are Mandatory

Anyone who’s been deemed successful has had at least 1 impactful mentor: coaches, teachers, experienced professionals, investors, even your parents. Great mentors can provide a ton of value, and help you avoid common mistakes that they’ve learned from. What you may not know is that there are two types of mentors.

What’s the Difference?

Direct mentors are people that you’ve met in person and contact on a consistent basis. They have the ability to tailor their advice for your situation.

My Direct Mentors:

  • Peter Hostrawser (former business teacher | current business advisor)
  • Derrick Purvis (former business teacher | current business advisor)

Indirect mentors are usually social icons who you’ve never met in person however, they offer more general advice to empower thousands. Indirect mentors provide value through outlets such as books, videos, personal websites, seminars, downloadable PDFs, and more.

My Indirect Mentors:

  • Gary Vaynerchuk (successful entrepreneur | marketing genius)
  • Eric Thomas (well known hustler & motivator)
  • Tony Robbins (famous business strategist)
  • Bob Proctor (educator of the mind)
Gary Vaynerchuk

3 Reasons Why You NEED A Direct Mentor

  1. Another set of eyes allows you to discover what you couldn’t see before.
  2. Great mentors offer valuable connections. My mentor Pete introduced me to 3 of Binapro’s business’s advisors, our graphic designer, and others who’ve personally helped me within the last 2 years.
  3. Having someone believe in you matters, especially for those who struggle believing in themselves.

How To Find the Right Direct Mentor

Step 1: Figure out why you would need a mentor. Starting a business is a good one.

Step 2: Think about why anyone would want to mentor you? Would you waste their time? How would you provide them value?

Step 3: Search your ecosystem for people who would be a great fit. Create a list of potential mentors. If your list is blank, step out of your network. Befriend people who are on a similar path as you. Chances are, they have a great mentor already.

Step 4: Build a genuine relationship with your potential mentors. Never go up to someone and say “can you mentor me?”. The process should be so seamless that he/she becomes a mentor as a result of constant interaction with one another.

3 Reasons Why You NEED An Indirect Mentor

  1. Higher ceiling for learning. Completely different experience.
  2. Proven success in your field at scale. (Watch out for the fakes).
  3. They don’t care about your feelings, which allows them to tell the truth, providing you with the most value.

How To Find The Right Indirect Mentors

Step 1: Same as Direct Mentors

Step 2: Layout your strengths and weaknesses. Prioritize improving your strengths. If a major weakness needs to be improved, prioritize that as well.

Step 3: Search via Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Snapchat etc.

Step 4: Filter your intake. 5 hours a day can hurt you more than help you.

Your Outcome

Really take both direct and indirect mentors into consideration. You may have some without even knowing it! No one successful has made it where they are without some help, and there isn’t any shame in getting some! For your own benefit, both mentors are beyond mandatory.

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