Automatically Generating a UUID on your Laravel Models

Jeffrey Kilroy
Nov 20, 2017 · 2 min read
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A UUID (Universally unique identifier) is an ID that can be given to your table rows to identify them in a manner that is a bit nicer than a sequential table id. This works great in cases where you don’t want your users to guess how many records you might have in a table or even worse, give them clues on how to take advantage of your application.

There is already a really great package to handle the generation of UUID’s:

Using this package, it’s a piece of cake to generate a new UUID to add to your model:

$uuid = Uuid::generate();

As it turns out, by adding the following in your model you can make sure every time a new model is created, it will generate and save its own UUID:

public static function boot()
self::creating(function ($model) {
$model->uuid = (string) Uuid::generate(4);

There was still something missing for me in this process though, as I saw myself adding this more and more to my models it was just too much repetition.

What I wanted to do was add a simple Trait to any model that had UUID’s so they would have this generated for them during creation, but how would I use this same boot method? Do I need to create an event observer they all need to call or what?

❤️Enter Magic❤️

This issue changed when I found out about bootable model traits:

By creating this simple “HasUUID” trait, and adding a “ bootHasUUID” method, I can drop in this functionality and be done.

Additionally, this trait can house some simple scopes and methods like “findByUUID()”

I ended up making this simple trait available in a package, which will also pull in webpatser/laravel-uuid. So all that is needed to install is:

  • Run “composer require binarycabin/laravel-uuid”
  • Add the trait on your model “use \BinaryCabin\LaravelUUID\Traits\HasUUID;

Take a look at the full package and trait here:

Binary Cabin

Custom Web Applications

Jeffrey Kilroy

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Web Developer at Binary Cabin

Binary Cabin

Custom Web Applications

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