🍌 The “Stop Getting REKT” Banano Givaway

Over one year ago I created goDYOR.com, a way to keep notes on cryptocurrencies you find interesting and want to look into more before possibly investing in. The blockchain space is overrun with projects, so this was my way of keeping track of ones I like and didn’t like.

While I’ve been able to adapt the project to suit those needs, one of the big use-cases that I feel has not been utilized is the social aspect of being able to share your notes about cryptocurrencies with others. so for the past month I’ve been adding in features to help with exactly that.

Now, in goDYOR while keeping track of your own notes, you can separately share information you gathered with the rest of the community in the form of an article using the new public reviews tools.

Not hungry for crypto research yet?

What’s better than educating the masses about good coins with solid fundamentals?

Earning crypto while doing it!

This Saturday and Sunday (6/7 and 6/8) I’ll be rewarding users with Banano who write and share cryptocurrency reviews.

Here are the rules:

  • Sign up or Log In at goDYOR.com
  • Select a token to review and add it to your journal. It does not need to be Banano, it can be any coin.
  • Click “Write a public review” and write a helpful review about this token from the research you’ve found. This doesn’t have to be a lengthy report, but make sure it’s unique and more than just a couple sentences.
  • When your review is saved, click on it to view the public page for your review. At the bottom you’ll see a “Share this review on Twitter” button. Click this to populate a Tweet, you can modify this tweet to your liking but make sure you keep the url and the hashtag: #goDYOR
  • Within 24 hours, you’ll receive a Banano tip using the BananoTipBot. Please be patient as this will be done manually 😴
  • Applicable to five reviews of different coins per Twitter user, but we hope you enjoy the application enough that you’ll keep using it after this giveaway ❤

A feed of all user coin reviews will be available at: https://godyor.com/reviews

Consider reviewing coins that may not have many reviews yet to help others learn more in the space.