How to Use Cloud Sync on TOTP Authenticator

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2-Factor authentication can become a huge struggle when you lose your phone or need to switch devices. Losing access to your 2FA data without creating a proper backup can lock you out of your account, with the tedious process of contacting your service provider to restore the access.

TOTP Authenticator’s Cloud Sync feature helps you to easily backup your 2FA data on the cloud. Your data is directly backed up on your Google Drive, providing you with total control of your data, as no 3rd party server is involved.

You can set up the Cloud Sync in a few easy steps:

1. Download and Install the app.

Cloud Sync currently only works for Android. Download the TOTP Authenticator app from Play Store to get started.

2. Purchase the Premium features in-app.

TOTP Authenticator offers premium features like Cloud Sync and Google Chrome Extension. These make 2FA easy and simple to use across devices. You can purchase these Premium features by selection ‘Go Premium’ on either of the Cloud Sync or Chrome Extension screens.

3. Go to the Cloud Sync screen.

It can be accessed in the main app menu. The screen will guide you through the remaining steps to enable the cloud backup in less than 30 seconds.

4. Sign In with your Google Account

Where TOTP Authenticator currently standouts is that despite providing Cloud-based backup and sync, no data is transferred to our servers. We use your Google Drive to save the data in an encrypted format. This means that the data always belongs to you and you are always in full control.

So click on the ‘Sign in’ button and select an account you want to create the backup with.

5. Grant Drive Permission

For how the Google Drive works, an app needs to ask users the permission before accessing their Drive. Simply click on the Grant permission button and you’re good to go. (Note: we do not access any of your personal data from the Drive, only the data created by us)

6. Enable Cloud Sync in Settings and set the Sync Priority

Go to the Settings page and enable the Cloud Sync. Just below that, there is also the option to set up the Sync Priority which helps the app decide which accounts should be kept and which should be deleted, in case of conflict when syncing across devices.

The 3 options include:

  1. Never Delete: In case of a conflict, conflicted accounts will be merged and synced automatically.
  2. Always Ask: In case of a conflict, you will be prompted to either merge or delete the conflicted accounts and sync.
  3. Force Sync: In case of a conflict, conflicted accounts will be deleted automatically.

Using Never Delete or Always Ask is a safe option. Use Force Sync only in rare cases, as it can irreversibly delete your data.

7. Click on the Sync icon on the home screen to sync.

You’re all set up! Now whenever you want to sync the data, just click on the Sync icon on top of the home screen. All your data will be synced and backed up to the cloud.

In case you have any doubts or questions, please feel free to reach us at

Happy Syncing!