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A Guide to BinaryX Genesis Mining

Go to BinaryX website, connect to your web 3.0 BSC wallet.

Enter the Binary options product page.

Click liquid swap to enter the liquidity market maker page, enter the amount of USDT you would like to participate, click agree on the wallet page to join the liquidity market maker. You can redeem after the Genesis Mining period.

After the daily transaction is settled, if there are liquidity mining rewards on that day, you can claim it.

The funds that participated in the liquidity market maker on that day will not receive liquidity mining rewards after the settlement of this cycle. Market maker funds withdrawn before settlement of this week will not participate in this cycle of mining.

The daily rewards($BNX) of mining is 50% of the total daily income of the project, which is distributed according to the proportion of funds of all liquidity market makers. If the project loses on the day (binary option trading users make a profit as a whole), all liquidity market makers will share the loss in proportion to their funds.

Liquidity mining funds will be used to provide liquidity for Binary options, and there is a risk of principal loss during the transactions.



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