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3 min readAug 27, 2022


Happy One Year Anniversary to CyberDragon — A letter to Community

Dear BinaryX Community,

Hey, you! Yes, we are talking to you, who stayed with us for a whole year and never stopped being supportive. Yes, we just made it through our first year, and we could not have done it without you. Thank you for fighting with us in those brutal battles. It’s not always easy, but isn’t it always worth it?

What have we achieved together this year?

  • Over 10k BNX holders just three months after the launch of CyberDragon
  • Top 5 in Active Wallet Addresses on BNB Chain
  • Top 2 in GameFi Area on BNB Chain
  • From GameFi > IGO platform — — SHIT Collaboration
  • Launch of Soulbound Token, Rh!noX (Sold Out)

Should we be happy with those milestones and achievements? Definitely.

But are we satisfied? No.

Not even close to what we plan to pay back the extensive support and trust from you guys.

Make no mistake, this is only the beginning for BinaryX, and we have many more goals to realize together.

Our latest game, CyberChess offers everything our users asked for — a firmer structure, greater playability, and the most complete mechanism of any game that we have ever done. We’re currently working on our most ambitious project yet, taking it to the next level with CyberLand, a game that is slated to offer the most compelling experience in the entire Metaverse.

The evolution to the IGO platform, creation of new games, and launch of the Soulbound Token, all of these are only pieces to a gigantic puzzle, a puzzle that will expand our presence in the global GameFi and Web3 space and make a worldwide impact.

We have actively been working towards expanding our territory coverage, and despite the challenges, we have been able to come this far because of the overwhelming support from our fans and players across the world. This trust from everyone is the greatest blessing to BinaryX.

We understand and acknowledge the hardships, comments, and feedback that most of you are experiencing and shared, and we are always here to listen. Do continue to give us your valuable suggestions and feedback, at the same time contributing to the future development of our upcoming products. We might sometimes pull the bossy decision, but it is all for the project’s future, especially for you.

Nobody ever changed the world by doing what everyone else was doing. No matter in life, business, or the web3 space, one step at a time is all we need to get us to the finish line. Together, we prosper.

WAGMI. Happy Anniversary.


Team BinaryX

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