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Every month, BinaryX holds an internal discussion in the Discussion Discord channel that gives the volunteer community a chance to ask direct questions with devs team members. This month, Core devs Ethan is invited to the AMA.

If you didn’t get a chance to be one of our volunteers for this informative event, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. This AMA RECAP provides another opportunity to catch up on everything that happened throughout the session.

AMA Begins

1. About CyberArena beta

Question 1

Q: When will we have CyberArena beta test? How long will it take? (Can’t wait to know more) A: I think it will be in a week or so. The back-end program of the game has been done, and we are optimising the front-end.

Question 2

Q:Will CyberArena be difficult to get started with, or is it more competitive? A:Yes, we will emphasise the skill and luck of the game, both are equally important.

Question 3

Q:If I only participate in the game for free, do I need to prepare a certain amount of absenteeism fee, and do I need to pay for each game? A:You can always play free games, but there will be a separation between free and paying players. The prizes for paying players will be higher.


Q:Would this method deplete the rewards?

A:No, the free game rewards are small, and the paid game prize pool mainly comes from the player’s payment.

Question 4

Q: Will existing heroes be used for СyberАrena or will special ones be added? Do simple users (not volunteers) have the opportunity to participate in the beta and what do they need to do?

A:Yes, we will add this feature in the future, users can add the current hero nft to the deck.

Question 5

Q:Will the numerical requirements for the cards participating in the game be as high as the copy, or can they complement each other?

A:Every card in the game needs to consume resources, so strong or weak cards have strategic value.

2. Prizes and Rewards

Question 6

Q: Where does the rewards of CyberArena leaderboard ranking come from? Will it be dynamic to how many players participate in? Or dynamic to game economy as well?

A: Initially, we will provide the prize pool from the previous draw revenue, and the subsequent prize pool will mainly come from player payment. We hope this game can increase the consumption of tokens, not mining more tokens

Question 7

Q:As previously mentioned in one of the internal AMAs, will there be exclusive items/dungeons and other benefits for our rare legendary heroes??? Further, Is our cover girl (Katrina) going to have her own exclusive legendary skill(s) different to these of other normal legendary heroes??? (our users would like to know about this)

A:Yes, these are in design and development.

Question 8

Q:Also the reoccurring bsc lag. That shows 0 rewards at all. How can we ease this problem?

A:I will discuss with the devs

Question 9

Q: About the CyberArena possible rules.

A: The rules are very simple. Both sides get the same resource points at the beginning of the game, and randomly draw cards from their respective decks, select several heroes from the drawn hero cards to form their own battle lineup, and then fight against the opponent’s lineup, the winner gets victory points, and the loser deducts points. All the current heroes will appear, and each class has different skills. The stronger the card, the more resources are required.

In the future, we will launch the self-built deck, multi-round battle mechanism and paid card redraw function.

(For reference only, the final results shall prevail.)

3. Concerns on Dungeon Wealth of Monsters (WoM)’s Stability

Question 9

Q: Just regarding the current DG reward pools, as there are heaps of users running DGs but the DG rewards pools do not seem to keep up with the number of users actually doing DGs. We are aware that there must be more mining (claimed gold) to keep up with the reasonable rewards being released from the pools. However, many users think that the current DG rewards pools are not big enough to support the current number of users doing DGs. Considering the total number of users, our users suggest that the team shall increase the size of the rewards pools. Any thoughts on this matter? A: Don’t worry about this. Our economic model is self-regulating. After the stock gold coins are almost consumed, the mining revenue will increase rapidly, allowing more users to start mining. We want the system to self-regulate rather than human intervention.


Q:We understand this. However, our users do not know how long it will take to kick in. Until then, many of our users will keep suffering losses in the DGs not to mention keeping monitoring the WOM bars at all times. Thanks for your kind advice, though.

A:You can keep an eye on the amount of gold remaining in the market right now, and I see a lot of stats looking at how this value changes.

4. Crystal

Question 10

Q:Can we get some information about Crystal’s implementation in the game? Do we know if it will be mined or not like gold? Is the equipment reforging coming out alongside Crystal re-launch? A: There will be no more crystal mining mechanics, crystals will be harvested from the loot in the dungeon and equipment disintegration.

5. Leaderboard and tier-list

Question 11

Q:Do we have ranking system in CyberArena? Like tier or some kind of that would separate whales to below class? A:At the beginning, there is only a simple points leaderboard, and players are more likely to meet other players with similar points. We will improve this mechanism in the future.

6. Hero Mechanism

Question 12

Q: I reckon if it’s fair for that lvl0 hero to defeat the weaker heroes.. And we have got only 1 lvl 9 hero available as per the Leaderboard.

A: Yes the lvl 9 hero should beat the weaker heroes, but will this make your game fun enough to retain players? The most important aspect in a game is fun and enjoyability. If it’s only fun for a handful of players with money, you might find your game losing substantial player-base. Besides, we will have a mechanic to balance the game, having strong cards will increase the odds of winning but not 100%. We would love to keep the fairness of the game.


A:On top of all, high-level heroes are necessarily more powerful, but it also requires you to consume more resources in return.

Question 13

Q:Do you have any plans for heroes after completing their mining periods?? Or dividend pool?

A:Allowing these heroes into the divided pool can harm the benefits of older players. Our development team would not want to do that, but it all ultimately depends on the opinion of the community. These heroes may be used in the game in the future. But the value is not too high. Heroes who have completed mining have helped players to earn money, and we don’t want them to affect the balance of the economic system thereafter.

Question 14

Q:The previous two NFTs were destroyed to get a card drawing opportunity. Have you considered when this will be opened? I think it will have an impact on the existing economy.

A:Yes, we are aware of this problem, we have not opened it up because this may destroy the current economic system, we will solve this problem as soon as possible after we have a safe solution.


Q:Will it? You could limit it to only “Completed” heroes, thus taking away the chance to re-roll Dividend heroes. Hero recycling competes with leveling which gives more utility to sub-par heroes outside of Level ups

A:This can leads to disputes and we plan to offer two options, refund heroes or choose our other plan.

6. Features of new DAO

Question 15

Q:Many ppl asking about new DAO Is there any other option in feature apart from burning 100 BNX??

A:Possibly, but we hope that the threshold for putting forward proposals is not too low. Too many unthought-out proposals will reduce the seriousness of the DAO and reduce the enthusiasm of users to participate in voting.

Question 16

Q: Just suggestions can we create wallet and raise fund of 100BNX from old investors to new DAO proposal?

A:We will have this feature in the future.

7. Recommendations and Stance from Devs Team

Question 17

Q:Players participating in paid games, if they do not have NFT, do they need to go to the market to buy them?

A:That is not required, but considering that a well-designed deck can improve your win rate, I recommend buying some NFTs to build your own deck.

Question 18

Q:What is the stance of the development team on weekly/monthly events to encourage users to participate in certain aspects of the game? Be it trading coins, minting heroes, running dungeons, etc.

A:We want our user to play our game more and have fun whether he pays or not. The economic system will automatically balance, we will maintain a reasonable rate of return since we do not want the economic system overheat at anytime.

8. Future Plans and Respond

Question 19

Q: Any ETA?

A: Not sure, maybe in May or June. Currently we are all focused on two new games and the IGO platform.

Question 20

Q:Raising bnx prices just to attract users, bnx prices will plummet again and go back to $50. What’s your comment on this?

A:The price of BNX depends on the balance of the economic system and the intrinsic value of the token. I hope to balance the system and use IGO and the Metaverse engine to give tokens more use case, so that the price of tokens will continue to rise. Before that, it is unfounded to predict that the price will return to 50.

9. Explanations on old heroes and other concerns

Question 21

Q: At least we can give 30 to 50 days of mining time to regain the trust of old investors without doing too much damage to the game economy

A: I don’t really think there is a trust issue. Crypto / GameFi investment has its own risk that investors should notice before participating in. There will be experiments and will be wins and loses. As long as the project is moving forward and getting better, there should be no complaints. All should look forward.

A:Are you referring to the old hero? I hope so too, but if you’ve done math, you’ll change your mind. I’m reluctant to talk about this, but users misunderstand it. Not because we shut down the mining of old heroes, causing them to lose. In fact, in the economic model of infinite output, after the economic system collapses, everyone has lost the gain, and at the time, the loss has already occurred. If we do nothing, no one will benefit. And now at least they get a dividend.

Question 22

Q: It’s hard to make proposal that will be suited and does not hurt the system that much. Any proposal can be a death of the project.

A:Maintaining an economic system is like walking a tightrope, and the slightest inattention can lead to serious consequences.

Question 23

Q: Sometimes, a monster in dungeons doesn’t give out a reward. People say it’s a bug; can the devs comment on this?

A: Of course, thanks for the reminder. can you tell me which dungeon it is


Q:Ancient Battlefield mostly. In goblin village, a goblin bandit in the 3rd or 4th slot will not give rewards.

A: — — (marked down)

10. Future Expansion plans

Question 24

Q: When are the plans to expand BNX to India, and the Arab? Because it has got good potential in these countries.

A: We are working on this. Please let us know if you have any suggestions.

**** End of AMA *****

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