BinaryX Fund Distribution

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3 min readFeb 19, 2022



According to the BinaryX DAO voting result, we will have a new economic model for CyberDragon. The BNX token serves as BinaryX DAO’s community governance token, jointly held by a global community that embraces the vision of the Cyber Metaverse. So the core team will allocate three effective addresses to develop the project’s current and future needs.

These three addresses were used to deposit hero recruitment revenue and marketing funds in the past. The team has not sold any tokens from these addresses before. We are now re-allocating these funds to better plan for BinaryX’s future development:





As common assets of the global community, we will distribute these BNX tokens as follows:

25% : Marketing Fund

The Marketing Fund will be used for business partnerships, advertising, KOL marketing and other market development activities to achieve effective and organic user growth and user retention of Cyber games.

20% : Research & Development Cost

This part will be dedicated to research and development, including:

  • Technology research and development
  • Development on new games of Cyber series
  • Mobile App development
  • Professional game engine procurement

These funds will be used to advance our technology and take our project to the next level within theGameFi industry. And BinaryX will bring innovative and great features to the community as much as possible.

20% : Product Operation Cost

This part will be mainly used for the operating expenses of the project, including the game maintenance, changes based on user feedback, and product optimization to ensure a long-lasting user-friendly product for the Cyber platform.

15% : Staking

To encourage long-term holders of BNX, this part will be used for staking rewards on platforms that support BNX staking.

10%: Leaderboard Rewards

These BNX tokens will be allocated for CyberDragon players’ incentives. Long-term players who contribute more to the game and take more risks to upgrade will be rewarded. As players get to higher ranking on the leaderboard, the higher the rewards they will benefit from.

8%: Cyber Incubation Fund

The Cyber Incubation Fund is an LP pool jointly established by the BinaryX project team and the community. In the future, BinaryX DAO can welcome and invest in high-quality GameFi start-ups. The investment income will be returned to the BinaryX community in the form of BNX buyback / community airdrop / volunteer incentive plan / dividend pool / etc (to be determined in the future).

2%: Bug Bounty

Bug Bounty is used to enhance the collaboration within the global tech community. It will inspire the community to work together with GameFi players from the global community to solve and improve CyberDragon’s gameplay and security.

Thank you!

We deeply appreciate the community’s participation and support. Through our funds, we will continue to move forward in achieving our direction for a Cyber Metaverse for all of our community members’ satisfaction, in the spirit of transparency and fairness.




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