BNX Metaverse Adventure Starts: MMO RPG Metaverse Game

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2 min readJul 28, 2021


The Launch of BNX Metaverse RPG Game

We are glad to announce that the team of BinaryX will launch a a play-to-earn MMO RPG Metaverse Game on BSC, with player-driven economy, a combat system, and scarce, tradable NFT collectibles. The whole ecosystem of this game includes Character development and dungeon exploration, combat and life occupation, farming and dungeon adventure.

The tokenomics of the game is in development. It will be a dual-token system. BNX will be used as the governance token of the game, and a new in game currency will be used for In-game transactions and earnings.

Players can enjoy casual life gameplay, adventure and combat style battle gameplay, you can play to earn by creating a character, and the daily stable income is guaranteed. The better the equipment, the faster the mining, and the dungeon adventure participants can get valuable NFT collectibles.

GameFi is a combination of Gaming and Defi. What you earn from the game can directly interact with defi market to trade or auction.

About BinaryX

BinaryX Protocol is an innovative decentralized derivatives trading protocol . Traders can conduct various on-chain derivatives trading of binary options on decentralized exchanges based on this agreement. At the same time, it supports a variety of innovative derivatives on the chain. All derivatives transactions are completed on the binance smart chain. Fund custody, market matching, clearing and settlement of transactions are completed on the chain to ensure the openness and transparency of derivatives transactions.

The binary options is BinaryX’s first derivative product. Users can create different binary option trading pairs (require Cex API or onchain oracles to feed the market prices). BinaryX supports various on-chain assets as the settlement currency of transactions.

Contract Address: 0x8C851d1a123Ff703BD1f9dabe631b69902Df5f97

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Official Twitter : @binary_x




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