The Only Guide You’ll Need for CyberChess — plus How To Get Free Heroes & Skills

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Welcome to the ultimate CyberChess guide , which will cover everything you need to win $BNX and a code to roll for 2 heroes and 2 skills.

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Part 1: Heroes & Skills Explained

Three main things directly affect the match result: Hero, Skill, and Strategy. In this guide, we will only cover heroes & skills.

There are 7 classes in CyberChess: Warrior, Knight, Rogue, Ranger, Mage, Priest, and Druid.

Each class has a selection of 4 skills but can only equip one at a time. To start a normal match, every player must have at least 5 heroes in their collection.

There are two main ways to get heroes and skills: the Summoning Altar and the CyberChess Marketplace.

Summoning Altar

In the Summoning Altar, the player spends $GOLD to roll for Heroes & Skills. The easiest way to get $GOLD is through PancakeSwap or the in-game exchange (Main Menu > Top-up > IEX)

Every hero has different stats, randomized for every roll. So the idea is simple: the better your heroes’ stats are, the stronger your team.


In this area, players can list unwanted heroes and sell it for $BNB. Players may opt to purchase heroes in the marketplace if they feel unlucky rolling in the Summoning Altar.

Equipping Skills

After getting skills from the Summoning Altar, go to your collection from the main menu and to equip them to your team. (Main Menu > Collection)

Each class has 4 different skills, and each hero can only equip one skill at a time. So if you are a beginner, this is the ultimate rule of thumb: Install the best skill on your hero with the best stats first and equip as many skills as possible for the rest of your collection.

As a beginner, your main goal should be to understand the game within the shortest time possible. After playing for a while, you will realize which skills are better, and you can change your skills anytime you want!

What’s fantastic about this game is that a hero with good stats and the right skill can give you a good head start, but applying good strategy throughout the game is what’s important in the end.

Now you’re ready to start a match, let’s get into the must-know of CyberChess gameplay.

Part 2: Gameplay Explained (Ranked Mode)

Before getting into a match, you’ll need to wait for 8 players to start a match. After getting into the match, you’ll be greeted with the game’s UI. Let’s break them down for you.

Preparation Phase

At the start of every round, each player receives 5 golds and a selection of 5 random heroes from a Hero Pool.

The primary function of gold: Purchase heroes, Re-roll hero pool, and purchase additional slots.

Each hero only costs 1 gold, re-roll costs 2 golds, and the following is the cost of additional slots (up to 7 slots max): the first slot is free, the second slot costs 2 golds, the third slot costs 3 golds, the fourth slot costs 4 golds, 5th slot costs 5 golds, 6th slot costs 6 golds and 7th slot costs 7 golds.

Battle Phase

After the preparation phase, you are about to join the battle phase.

In this phase, you will face against a random opponent (the player will not fight against the same opponent twice in a row). Losing a round will cost you 1 HP, and after losing 5 HP, you are out of the game.

You will always want to win the round to keep yourself standing in a match, but there’s something special about losing: losing consecutively will give you extra gold for the next round. Sometimes you might want to take advantage of this mechanism as your strategy to turn the table around.

The last one standing in the match is the winner. The winner will receive ranking points. Players will need to climb different ranked tiers and ultimately, get your position on the leaderboard. The prize pool of the first season will be 3000 $BNX (~$480,000 USD) and each season lasts for 8 weeks.

Win matches, climb the ladder, and enjoy $BNX.

That’s it! Everything you need to know before starting your journey in CyberChess.

Our surprise for you…

We mentioned that this will be the only guide you’ll ever need, not only because it covers essential information for your journey in CyberChess, but also because we are giving every one of you a code to redeem 2 heroes and 2 skills!

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For things we didn’t cover, we’ll leave it to you to discover on your own. Bon voyage!

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