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Equipment System, Ancient Battlefield and First PVP

Ancient Battlefield

The equipment system has been launched and the Beta test has begun now. We have optimized the difficulty and economic system of the dungeon. Players can obtain various equipments through dungeon adventures to enhance the hero’s combat skills.

We will open the new dungeon adventure: Ancient Battlefield! The lowest difficulty is level 4, the highest difficulty is level 6. The ancient battlefield will provide higher rewards and more powerful equipments. After this update, dungeons with different levels of difficulty will have a more obvious difference. Advanced dungeons will have higher difficulties and higher returns.

During the beta test, we may adjust the parameters of the dungeon and equipment system at any time to improve our equipment and economic system. Players are welcome to provide us with your suggestions to optimize our system.

The equipment transfer feature and trading market, as well as equipment disassembly and recasting functions, are expected to be gradually updated one week after this update.

The first PVP mode of CyberDragon will be live in a week. We’ll provide a basic Prize Pool worth more than 1,000,000 BUSD for the first PVP Competition. What’s more exciting, the prize pool will continue to accumulate! All players participating in the pvp competition can get a portion of the prize pool rewards, and the final winner will receive a huge prize.

Upgrade your heroes, collect stronger equipments, and challenge for the final prize!

About Cyber Dragon

Cyber Dragon is a Play to Earn Game based on Binance Smart Chain. This game is powered by BinaryX team. Players can create characters, collect rare equipments and challenge Dungeons. The final challenge is to defeat the ultimate boss, the Cyber Dragon. A hero will receive the dragon treasure house rewards by defeating the dragon.


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With Cyber-series games and IGO platform, BinaryX is devoted to creating unprecedented RPG metaverse experience and becoming the incubator of future gamefis with generous rewards and airdrops to our users. Join us:

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