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Why Should We Redesign the Level-up System?

Dear BinaryX-ers:

Based community & volunteer’s feedback, we decide to launch a new DAO voting on the Level-up system. The new system will solve the problems from the previous one intertwined with the whole economy.

We have to optimize our economic model because of the market and so on. The value of the new hero upgrades after optimization has changed, so we have to adjust the corresponding upgrade costs and mechanics to maintain a balance. We will also optimize our upgrade model and provide more useful value for the upgraded heroes in the new games that will be launched continuously. Whether it is an old hero or a new hero, you will find the value of upgrading in it.

To be more specific:

  • The main reason is cost. The cost of leveling-up was just too high in the past.
  • The old failure chance makes no sense any more as the Boosted Mining Period makes NFT burning obsolete. The old system was mainly there to curb the infinite mining. At the same time, the Mining Cap has made the level multiplier obsolete.
  • More importantly, we want a new leveling system that incentivizes competition for the Adventurer leaderboards. This will also incentivize more engagement from players in all parts of the game.
  • Leveling-up will burn more gold. Entering dungeons frequently will burn even more gold. This will drive the gold prices up, because it will control the production of Gold.

For those who have old rare heroes:

  • Old Heroes still have their utility. If you have a hero who is level 5 and above that means they were either a full-time miner at worst, a dungeon runner on average, or both at best. Dungeon runners can immediately run high level dungeons. Old miners will get high dividends by having a higher level and more weight.
  • For the players that upgraded their heroes before the DAO vote was proposed, we believe some of you have benefited tremendously from upgrading your heroes and you considered that level up was worth it at the time. Please understand that the economy will change, the earnings will change, and the mechanics will change. This game is still in its infancy — the final version of CyberDragon is far from the current version. The incentives to level up have to change because it has a correlation with mining, which had to be changed in order to fix it.
  • We believe current assets (Old Heroes) are entirely different assets to the new ones. They can only be compared in their one common aspect, the dungeons. Old heroes have more value in dungeons, as some of them have already been leveled up, but they were sold undervalue in the marketplace. New heroes have more value due to their ability to mine currency, GOLD in this particular case. It would be a lost time opportunity if a new hero who can do mining, focused on dungeons instead.

To Conclude:

We encourage our players to try out the new economic system first, meanwhile the community will have full rights to express your opinions, and the final decision will be formed through the DAO mechanism. We will adjust our product plan according to the community’s feedbacks until it fits the community’s demand. We kindly ask for your cooperation.



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