Focus on your Amazon seller account reputation to drive peak performance for your store

Do you really increase your seller reputation on Amazon?

Bindwis Alerts helps you do that. It turns data into insights about your Amazon account health. Which is one of the most important elements to winning the Buy Box. Now, with Bindwise you not only increase the presents in the Buy Box, but also reduce your chance of an Amazon account suspension.

Insights others cannot give you

Bindwise uses the official methods to work with Amazon seller accounts. Hence we see your account the same way Amazon sees it. This allows us to provide you with sophisticated results about your Amazon account health. In particular:

  • Whether you accidentally violate any of Amazon's Terms of Service.

We’ll provide these details as immediate alerts for you, including any potential account problems before any further issues come up.

Understanding seller performance targets

Amazon measures a seller’s performance based on the following criteria:

  • Order defect rate (ODR)

The best course of action is to prevent your selling privileges from being compromised in the first place.

When you get a warning from Bindwise, alerts crafted such that it makes easy to understand what’s wrong.

The above alert clearly indicates that a seller needs to work on timely dispatch of goods. One’s metric has decreased and is worse than the target defined by Amazon. However, knowing what’s wrong means the seller can start working on improvements.

How it works

Here is how Bindwise fits into your business workflow.

The Buy Box change alerts

Optimize pricing decisions and other key business-critical decisions with a report about the Buy Box share changes. The report shows you ASINs where your Buy Box percentage share had changed (e.g., decreased more than 5%) for the last 24h.

Focus on what matters at the right time

We know that it can be hard and very time consuming trying to follow an account health manually. Bindwise Alerts let you focus on discovering useful insights about your Amazon performance and account health at the moment when they really matter, not manually browsing your Seller Central.

Bindwise Alerts give you crucial metrics that Amazon doesn’t — product quality — as well as keeping an eye on your performance metrics for you. This is buried data from your seller account that lets you act quickly before Amazon decides to suspend. Focus on your Amazon seller account reputation with Bindwise Alerts to drive peak performance for your store.

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