How To Get Serviced Better by Amazon Seller Support

Credits and many thanks to Pablo Lujan

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I escalated a problem to Jeff Bezos and it actually worked. I got a very nice rep to help me solve the problem. This was by far the best service I had and she followed up week after week until all my problems were resolved.

HOWEVER, you can’t forward everything to HIM and expect a reply, so I just had to talk to her over the phone.

This is what she told me about to get better service.


She acknowledges that Seller Support reps are not trained well. Amazon has a lot of departments that your request for help can be routed to when you call seller support.

BUT when you call you are the mercy of that rep to take good notes and forward them to the right department. This is why sometimes you never get a reply or it takes a long time. Because the department is reading the rep’s notes and trying to decipher if the case belongs to there.

Takeaway: Your best bet is to write an email and be AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE, so your issue gets routed to the right sector.


Going back to point 1 of rerouting. When you group more issues together the same case will go to different departments and now it will become more confusing and more complicated to solve.

Takeaway: maintain 1-on-1 interaction.


What I just learned is that your case automatically gets routed to a more trained team, like the one that has helped me out, if certain criteria are met.

Now she didn’t tell me exactly what those are, but there are 3 factors that are taken into account:

  1. How long your case has been opened.
  2. Type of problem (which department it belongs to)
  3. How many replies to the case there have already been.

1. and 2. seem common sense, but 3. was the one that surprised me. This is why it is important to write instead of call. And to follow up on that case thread in writing!

Also, if you get an automated email it means that the case has been moved to the Amazon engineers (she didn’t elaborate) and your best bet is to reply to that automated email to get that case going again.


I asked her about the recent influx of people getting banned because of changing their bank account information, LLC/corp information without warning.

She told me “don’t listen or believe everything that is being said on the forums”. FYI: they read our stuff.

She said that in some cases it has to do with Amazon’s change of ownership that is against TOS. Basically, say I have signed up under ACME Corp and Amazon checked that my Tax ID number is owned by ACME Corp which is owned by me. If you change this Corp/Tax ID/bank account it better say you are the majority owner of that LLC/Corp, etc. If it shows you have a partner or that you are not the owner or, if any of these items are under another name then Amazon will see this as a violation of their TOS and boom — you can say goodbye to your account. It has less to do with money laundering that people have been talking about.

So there you have it straight from the horse's mouth. Hope this helps some of you. Good luck.

The article was prepared by Bindwise. Our goal here at Bindwise is to make sellers working life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.

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