Sellers worry that Amazon will take away their seller privileges

From “The state of Amazon survey”

The main concern among Amazon sellers is that Amazon will take away their seller privileges (61%) and suspend their stores.

The second highest concern for sellers (44%) is that Amazon will start selling their items and therefore detract from their potential revenue.

The fear surrounding store suspension is having a ripple effect across the spectrum of Amazon sellers. Even sellers who have no reason to worry about suspension are anxious.

These statistics are corroborated by the huge amount of content and advice about suspension prevention and consultants specializing in helping sellers get their stores reinstated.

While cross contrasting different categories, we noticed that a larger proportion of FBA sellers (23%) than FBM sellers (14%) worry that Amazon will start selling their items. This is certainly logical, since one of the advantages FBA sellers enjoy is perfect customer metrics, and stellar metrics means easier access to the Buy Box. If Amazon sells the same items, competition to the Buy Box becomes fiercer, and one’s profits can decrease considerably.

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