Every week, our customers send us feature requests. At Bindwise, we use our user base to influence the decisions we make on service development.

Lately, the most popular are:

  • Alerts that would instantly notify you about negative product reviews.
  • A feature that tracks and notifies changes to Amazon detail pages, in particular, if the description change.
  • And more.

While listening to our customers, to you guys, we maintain to stay 100% Amazon Compliant. Having 100% Amazon TOS compliance means we don’t put at risk either your Amazon seller account, nor our business.

In many cases your feature requests involves something that Amazon strictly prohibits. Thus, we can’t implement those features.

You may ask: “But your competitor X offers this feature and you don’t have it!” In most cases, this means that the competitor X do scrapping of Amazon website or doesn’t use the official Amazon MWS. Which means they put at risk their customers, sellers. If Amazon’s Performance Team detects that a seller is using a software which violates Amazon TOS, the Performance Team suspends seller account.

Unlike our competitors, we use only the official Amazon MWS to work with sellers’ accounts and maintain 100% compliance with Amazon TOS.

Another requirement for us to do your requested feature is enough of similar feature requests from other Bindwise’s customers.

Addressing requests that are frequently mentioned improves Bindwise for a much larger user base and increases the service’s value in the long-term.

When determining what features to prioritize, we also spend some time discussing their complexity. If a feature is highly requested, but extremely complex, we split it into smaller parts and prioritize those based on what users requested.

Here at Bindwise we encourage and absolutely love your feedback. It eliminates guesswork and provides insight on what our customers actually want. Last but not least, we want to keep our reputation by doing all the work 100% according to Amazon TOS.

Bindwise Blog

Making seller working life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive • www.bindwise.com

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Bindwise Blog

Making seller working life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive • www.bindwise.com

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