📢 BingoBet have launched a bounty campaign

The game has been successfully launched and we want to make it more viral in the World! Therefore we’ve launched a bounty campaign.

The first 2500 participants in the BingoBet bounty campaign will get up to 1000 BINGO tokens: 500 BINGO tokens for Twitter subscribe and 500 for joining Telegram group and channel.

To get 1000 BINGO tokens you have to accomplish tree following steps:

Update: BINGO tokens balances for bounty members will be updated once per day at 16:00 UTC. You will be able to claim them in the payout window on the my balance tab.

 BINGO tokens are dividend tokens that allow their owners to stake them for earning dividends from BingoBet (50% of the house edge will be distributed to BINGO holders).

If your local laws do not allow you to own dividend tokens then do not participate in this bounty campaign to prevent any negative scenarios in the future.

Website: bingobet.one
 Telegram group: t.me/bingobet_one
 Telegram news: t.me/bingobet_news
 Twitter: twitter.com/bingobet_one
 Medium: medium.com/bingobet