📢 BingoBet mobile updates!

Today we would like to introduce you the updated mobile version of BingoBet games and other important improvements!

Roulette game

As we were writing in the previous article — we had got a lot of feedback from our users and decided to rebuild the mobile version of the major BingoBet game.

  • Now you can play in two new mobile versions: horizontal and vertical orientation. These versions are much more adaptive for the mobile screen and you will enjoy playing the roulette! In the horizontal version, we were able to fit the roulette wheel to the table — and it looks nice now! We are still thinking on the way how to return our brilliant dealer Mary to the mobile screen.
  • We made a single version of the roulette game. Now you can play alone on your private table and you will not be limited with the game timing. It is much more comfortable to have as much time as you want for making bets on a mobile device.
  • We have added the auto-bet function to the roulette. Now You will not miss your lucky number and will be able to bet every round as you wish!

Other updates:

  • BitPie and PocketEOS wallets now also support BingoBet game.
  • We have added new tokens support to the game — we will announce them additionally later.
  • The jackpot is now visible on all the screens and you will see the amount of EOS you need to bet to get a chance to win the Jackpot prize.

The new game is coming this weekend! Stay tuned and follow our social networks

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