📢 MEET.ONE and TokenPocket wallets added BingoBet game!

Now you can play your favorite games on BingoBet using two mobile wallets MEET.ONE and TokenPocket!

It’s only the beginning, and we will add more wallets very soon!

Porting the roulette game into these two wallets gave us a lot of feedback from mobile users about their UI experience.

Based on your feedback the roulette game will be adopted for mobile screens in the following way:

  1. We will create a single player version of the roulette because round time limits are too short for a comfortable betting. You will be able to spend as much time for betting as you wish.
  2. We will add the auto-bet function to the roulette, so you will be able to play your favorite bet several times in a row or to mine BINGO tokens at higher rate than in the Dice game.
  3. We will make the roll animation simpler to make all the game lighter, so you will not wait long while all the game resources will be uploaded.
  4. Unfortunately, our brilliant dealer Mary won’t be represented on a mobile version of the roulette game, because there is so few space on the mobile screen… If you want to meet Mary, then play on the desktop version of the game. She will be waiting for you to make the game hotter with new animations ;)

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