📢 We are on findex.pro!

BINGO/EOS pair is now available for trading on FINDEX. User could trade at desktop through findex.pro. FINDEX has also airdropped 1000 BINGO (worth 0.6 EOS) to each EOS account that has traded on FINDEX before 2018 Dec 13th UTC 00:00.

In addition, from now until 20th Dec 2018 UTC 23:59, FINDEX will reward all BINGO buyer through FINDEX Platform by giving out 50% free BINGO token of the transaction as reward (MAX 5000 BINGO per EOS Account) from a pool of 1.5 Million BINGO.

BINGOBET is one of the latest Game & Betting dApps to be introduced to EOS.
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Website: bingobet.one
 Telegram group: t.me/bingobet_game
 Telegram news: t.me/bingobet_news
 Twitter: twitter.com/bingobet_one
 Medium: medium.com/bingobet