Clueless and Curious about Human Design?

Here’s my list of Human Design introductory articles and case studies

Bingz Huang
Feb 22 · 3 min read
The author’s Human Design chart. Source: Genetic Matrix

Your Human Design chart has been described to be a user manual for your life. Yes, the chart looks so incredibly complex at first glance! But, even just knowing the basics of your chart can help you build greater self-awareness of how you function as an energetic being. It can also be used as a personal development tool to help you achieve greater fulfillment in your life.

Many of my clients are energetically sensitive and soulful coaches and healers who receive a clear validation of the progress they’ve made over the years in realigning to their true selves. They also receive some AHA moments when they finally understand why they get heavily affected in certain ways.

Here’s an easy-to-navigate list of Human Design articles I’ve written in the past few months:

Introduction to Human Design

Human Design Case Studies

Here are my Human Design case studies categorized according to Energy Type:

Manifesting Generators



I hope that reading these articles will be helpful to you. Have fun reading!

Human Design by Bingz

Human Design- An user manual for your life!

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Human Design by Bingz

Learn how to use Human Design to realign yourself for optimal health and happiness :)