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Anu Anniah’s Incarnation Cross is the Vessel of Love

Bingz Huang
Human Design by Bingz
5 min readMar 23, 2021


Photo of Anu Anniah. Used with permission.

In Human Design, your Incarnation Cross is the combination of your top four defined Gates, and it shows you your life path. Anu Anniah’s Incarnation Cross is the Right Angle Cross of The Vessel of Love, which is a special combination because all four gates represent the four gates of love! These four gates of Love are:

  • Love of the Spirit (Gate 25),
  • Love of the Flesh (Gate 46),
  • Love of the Self (Gate 10), and
  • Love of Humanity (Gate 15).

All of these gates are part of our Identity Center, represented by the diamond shape in the bodygraph.

More About the Vessel of Love

Can you appreciate how special people who have this type of Incarnation Cross are? Celebrities like Edgar Cayce — the Sleeping Prophet, and Fred Rogers — host of the preschool television series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood have the Vessel of Love. I love the way Human Design Projector and Success Coach, Evelyn Levenson, describes the gift of this Vessel of Love:

“People with this Cross are givers of unconditional love, and it confuses and pains them deeply to see war, strife, illness, etc. around them. They don’t understand why we can’t all just get along and love and nurture each other! Edgar was an exemplary expression of this energy.”

I’m so delighted to discover that Anu has this special Cross, and she embodies this so perfectly!

I want to add a disclaimer that not everyone who has this Cross will automatically be unconditionally loving people. When you persistently reject your intuition and do not use your Energy Type’s strategy correctly, you will automatically deviate from your true calling and experience unnecessary pain and suffering. Similarly, when you trust and follow your intuition and your Type’s strategy, you will then naturally radiate your innate gifts.

More about Anu Anniah

Anu is a writer and poet from Bangalore, India. Prior to writing on Medium, she had a full-time job as a Technical Writer creating help for software products and managing teams. Sometime in 2019, she took a break from her career to spend more time with her growing teenage daughter. A good friend and colleague suggested that she write on Medium and that’s how her journey started.

I approached Anu for a quick chat over Zoom to discuss how she lives out her Human Design chart, with emphasis on her Profile and these four Gates in her Incarnation Cross. Here are some interesting points that we’ve discovered.

Stories of Love

I love that even though Anu covers a wide range of genres and writing styles, which indicates that she is fully utilizing the gift of her Undefined Throat, all her stories reflect the energy of Love. Here are some examples of how her stories reflect her gifts in the four gates of Love.

Gate 10 — Love of Self

In this practical and uplifting article in Better Humans publication, she empowers us to think more positively about the behavior of others that appear negative to us.

Gate 15 — Love of Humanity

She shares tenderly about the heart-warming legacy her dad left behind, even 20 years after his passing. I love the way it makes me value the love and connection we have with others.

Gate 25 — Love of Spirit

She opens us to feelings of awe as she shares this unexplained miracle that happened to her family.

Gate 46 — Love of the Flesh

She passes on a precious gem of advice from her mother on maintaining a healthy relationship with your physical body — Get up and walk around!

Connections Are Important to Her

The other part of one’s Incarnation Cross is about the Profile that has twelve possible combinations and appears as a fraction. Your Profile gives you some insight into how you relate to others, and how you learn and share your wisdom in life.

For Anu, her Profile is 4/6. To keep this simple, I shall focus on her Line 4 personality. As a Line 4, relationships are important to her. She appreciates having a circle of close friends and family members, and a wide network of connections in which she can help by being of service to them, or link people in her network together.

During our Zoom chat, she shared how important it is for her to learn from other Medium writers and form friendships with them in her writing journey. Her favorite writers on Medium are Tracy Stengel and Michael Whalen, because of the way their stories make her feel. She feels pure affection for them! She enjoys learning from how Anangsha Alammyan is moving forward in her writer’s journey with great speed and confidence. Both Aimée Gramblin and I fall into both categories — emotional connection and clear branding. Thank you, Anu! 🥰 And last but not least, being a co-editor at MuddyUm publication gives her a great opportunity to learn from Susan Brearley, owner of MuddyUm and several other Medium publications.

It feels like she is very much aligned to her Line 4 Profile in her journey as a writer, and I love how she nourishes her Vessel of Love with other friends so they can mutually support one another with love and affection.

Her View on Gentleness

To me, Anu is an Ambassador of Love in all forms! And that made me curious about how she views Gentleness, since I’m a Gentleness Ambassador. I love what she shared in our chat:

“That’s the life I want to lead and that’s what I wish for everyone. Because Gentleness really is the easiest thing. It feels bad that we have to tell people to think Gentleness and be gentle.
It seems like the obvious thing, that if you were gentle, you would get much more done, and the world would be a much better place.
So for me, it feels bad that we have to state the obvious.”

I’m super touched by how Anu truly embodies Gentleness in herself. Many of my Gentleness Ambassador interviewees shared their periods of misalignment where they were harsh to themselves and the pain became a catalyst for their return to Gentleness. I’m so glad that Anu does not need to go through any harshness to practice Gentleness in her life, and it shows up beautifully in the way she writes her stories, and in her interactions with our mutual writer friends.

I sincerely wish that more of us will live with Gentleness as our default mode.

Thank you, Anu Anniah, for allowing me to share about your beautiful chart and more importantly, how you live a life that’s naturally aligned to it.

Hi, I’m Bingz Huang and I’m a 4/6 Sacral Generator with five Undefined Centers. As a Human Design coach, I love interviewing other sensitive solopreneurs and business owners to learn more about how they relate to their charts as they focus on realigning with their true selves.

I offer private Human Design chart readings and Human Design healing/coaching sessions to sensitive and creative people who want to feel safe and free being themselves.

Thanks for reading this article! :)



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