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She is a Fearless, Fierce-Loving, and Sensitive Writer

Interview and Human Design Case Study — Gurpreet Dhariwal

Bingz Huang
Human Design by Bingz
5 min readFeb 20, 2021


Photo of Gurpreet Dhariwal. Source: Gurpreet Dhariwal’s About Me article

Gurpreet Dhariwal has a very distinct personality as a fearless, fierce-loving, and sensitive writer, and I was so curious to know how this shows up in her Human Design chart. I did a quick explanation of what I see in her chart and interviewed her to find out how her sensitivity and personality show up in her writing.

If you’re clueless and curious about Human Design, do read this quick introduction so you can understand the rest of this article.

Mini Analysis of Gurpreet’s Chart

Human Design chart for Gurpreet Dhariwal. Source: Genetic Matrix

What I find really interesting from Gurpreet’s Human Design chart, is that out of her nine energy centers, five of them are undefined (in white), which makes her naturally sensitive to the people, places, and events around her through these energy centers. I find that these undefined centers can also serve as areas where we can be very creative and empathetic to others.

She has four defined energy centers (colored) where there are consistent energies radiating from there. These defined energy centers describe how others see them as part of her consistent personality.

Gurpreet is a Human Design Generator, so part of her life purpose is to gain mastery in work that she finds fulfilling for her.

Here are some key highlights of what we discussed. All quotes are taken from Gurpreet’s answers to my questions over our private chat.

Highly Sensitive

“I am a highly sensitive person who never knew about this until 2015. I kept on believing that I ain’t an emotional person but when I published my first book of poetry I realized I have been full of emotions since genesis. Kindness and humbleness come naturally to me but if someone behaves out of the loop, well I fix them right away.” ~Gurpreet Dhariwal’s About Me article.

I’m glad that Gurpreet realized that she’s highly sensitive, which can be shown from her five undefined energy centers and her defined Gate 19 which is the energy gate that’s a strong indicator of high sensitivity. One of her undefined energy centers is the Emotional Solar Plexus, which means that she tends to feel emotional energies from others in an amplified manner.

How She Senses Other People

It is very fascinating that Gurpreet is such a keen observer. She is able to:

  • sense someone’s specific vibe and how he/she feels about him/herself.
  • read facial expressions, especially through the eyes.
  • observe how someone interacts on social media

The conclusions she draws about others always prove to be right, so she always trusts her instincts (defined Spleen) and intuition (defined Sacral center).

She gets pissed off easily if she finds someone who’s inauthentic, and would distance herself from that person. This seems to correlate with her defined Gate 26 from her open Willpower center. She’s able to sense when someone is not in integrity with what he/she says.

How She Became a Fearless Writer

“I used to keep my thoughts to myself as a kid. I come from a domestic violence family. I realized my friends didn’t like that thing about me. So I grew up withholding feelings but that didn’t help. So I started penning down my thoughts when I turned 16.” ~Gurpreet Dhariwal

With her undefined Throat center, Ajna center, and Head center, Gurpreet has this innate gift of tuning into others’ source of inspiration, life challenges, thoughts, and expressing what they are thinking and feeling. She realized that her writing tends to scare the people who were close to her, and she is not concerned about what they think of it. When she learned to become fearless about her writing on Medium and not be overly concerned with how she’s perceived, she’s able to channel more and write in ways that surprise her sometimes. And as she started to write more consistently last year, she also attracted more positive and spiritual vibes that support her in continuing to write more fearlessly.

Feeling Appreciated as a Writer

Many of us are undefined in our Willpower center, and Gurpreet is undefined in it too. This usually means that it is more challenging for her to be clear about the value she offers to others. I was curious to find out if that is true for her as well.

She shared honestly that she felt discouraged quite a few times and stopped writing for a while because of this. But something magical happened last year and she has never looked back since.

Ultimately, she realized that writing makes her feel human and feel peaceful inside. She accepts that how others value her writing is out of her direct control. She simply writes whatever comes to mind. She would never write about anything that she has not experienced herself.

She is so thankful for receiving appreciative responses from her readers too! There were days when she was stuck in bed due to depression and anxiety for as long as seven hours every day and the only thing that kept her going was writing articles.

“Reading the responses from strangers around the globe made me strong again to get up and face another day. They don’t have any idea how much they have done for me even without knowing me. They made me believe I am not alone and this is not over yet.”

Closing Notes

I’m really glad that I got to know and appreciate Gurpreet Dhariwal better through chatting with her about her Human Design chart and her writing personality. She is a wonderful role model in inspiring us to trust our sensitivity and intuition and to be brave in sharing our authentic selves.

Here are some of Gurpreet’s articles that showcase her creativity, fearlessness, and high sensitivity. Do give them a read!



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