How She Realigned to Her Unique Success as a Human Design Projector

A mini-analysis of a Blog & Social Media Coach’s Human Design chart

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Photo used with permission by Shailaja V. Created in Canva by the author.

As a successful Blog & Social Media Coach, I love how Shailaja V advocates the idea of slow living, creating content consistently with joy, and moving our focus away from follower metrics. I was even more amazed when she shared that she suffered from clinical depression and bipolar disorder way back in 2001, and she no longer suffers from these illnesses. She has since been medication-free for the past 19 years.

I can see how all these aspects of her life can be seen from her Human Design chart. We met over a casual Zoom call while I described how various elements of her chart might be connected to her specific life experiences and values. What originally meant to be a half-hour call grew to an hour-long session, as she shared with enthusiasm at all these amazing connections with her chart.

Here’s her Human Design chart and some of the key insights that we’d love to share with you.

Human Design chart of Shailaja V (with birth details blocked out). Source: Genetic Matrix

Challenge of Being a Projector

Projectors do not have access to sustainable energies — unlike the vast majority, they’re not able to work continuously for long hours at a stretch even when they’re doing the work they love. They can work more intensely than others for short periods of time, followed by a short break every few hours.

The challenge for Projectors is that they’re so easily energized by other people that they’re not aware of feeling tired in the first place. Nighttime sleep is even harder when they sleep with their spouses who naturally energize them.

Other energetic sensitivities in Shailaja’s chart

The shapes that are white (undefined) in Shailaja’s chart show the various aspects in which she’s sensitive to other people, places, and events. Other than being a Projector with an undefined Sacral center, Shailaja also has 3 other areas in which she’s energetically sensitive to others:

  • Emotional Empath — she feels emotional energies from others in an amplified manner with her undefined Emotional Solar Plexus. When this energy center is healthy, she can release others’ emotional energies and restore to a state of peace whenever she’s alone.
  • She can blend in easily with groups of people and adapts well to various places, as long as the people and places ‘click’ internally for her. The challenge with this sensitivity is that she can easily lose herself in relationships since her personality is highly adaptable. She’s also gifted in sensing a person’s soul identity clearly.
  • She can either easily be motivated or intimidated by another person’s willpower. It’s easier for her to sense what others need from her than the other way round.

We Manifest Pain and Suffering When We Misalign With Our Charts

How does understanding one’s chart help us with aligning with our true selves? We can usually spot clues of our energetic misalignment by looking back at major events when we experienced a lot of pain and suffering.

For Shailaja, one memorable event was her intense nine months of suffering from clinical depression and bipolar disorder, just 6 months after being newly married in 2001, and her miraculous recovery.*

Her family got worried when she started displaying signs of hallucination and manic depression. Looking back, she shared that these mental illnesses were probably triggered due to the intense bottling up of over 20 years of repressed emotions and how she was overworking to the point of exhaustion.

When Shailaja got married in 2001, she had to take over the household chores on top of her own work responsibilities.

“So this was soon after my marriage. I could have just said I want to do two hourly sessions a day, but instead I ended up doing up to 8 hours of work, alongside running a household from scratch with no extra help and not enough sleep. So I would sleep for 3–4 hours each night. I would sleep by 12 midnight and be up by 4 am the next day to finish my household chores and set off to teach my classes.” ~ Shailaja V

This sounds so much like the energetic struggle of a Human Design Projector — overworking to the point of exhaustion and not knowing when to stop. She probably couldn’t sleep well since she slept with her spouse too.

Her mental illnesses felt like a physical manifestation of this massive misalignment to her chart.

What Helped Her Recover From This Episode

Medical experts say that bipolar disorder is a lifelong illness with no cure. It has to be managed through medication and stress management measures.

It’s a true miracle that Shailaja no longer has symptoms from these mental illnesses for the past 19 years. She shared with me 3 things that helped her recover fully:

  1. Medication — she was very grateful for being able to control her dangerous symptoms through an initial high dose of medication, which tapered off gradually over a period of nine months. She also received psychiatric counseling and therapy.
  2. Family support — her husband, parents, and parents-in-law stood by her side and insisted to take care of her at home even when she was advised to be hospitalized due to the severity of her condition.
  3. Spiritual guru — He was her biggest guiding force. Her mother would play his bhajans for her every single day, and she read his books and watched his discourses. She felt his guiding wisdom comfort and heal her every step of the way.

Shailaja believes that her full recovery was mainly due to an energetic realignment back to her true self. This whole experience has reinforced her belief that we can tap into our bodies’ energies to heal ourselves. She has even completed a memoir documenting her experiences and insights about tuning in and healing on the astral realm.

How Shailaja Is Now Aligned to Her Chart

Human Design Projectors don’t have sustainable energies like the vast majority of us — they are meant to manage and guide us with their wisdom. But their wisdom will only be recognized when they’re being invited to share. Projectors need to practice patience so they can be invited into the major events and roles in their lives, such as in career, love, and the place they live in. While they’re waiting for that major invitations, it’s healthy for them to dive into doing the things they love.

Perhaps this is why Shailaja advocates for slow living, switching her focus to creating content instead of chasing for new clients. With her defined Root center, she’s not easily susceptible to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) culture. With her wisdom that comes from understanding what’s truly valuable to her through her undefined Will center, she has learned not to jump into mindless and obsessive scrolling on social media for external validation.

With her defined channel 18–58, linking her defined Spleen to her defined Root centers, when she focuses on the joy of creating content, she naturally radiates an attractive aura for others to invite her by booking for her coaching sessions. She has also learned to allocate fixed time slots for her private sessions with ample rest times so she doesn’t overwork herself.

With her defined Head and Ajna centers, she easily inspires others with her beliefs and values in her business and personal life. You can see this so clearly through her soulful and well-written articles on Medium, her website, and on her Instagram account.

Main Takeaway

I hope that sharing Shailaja V’s life experiences and mini-analysis of her Human Design chart has given you some insights on you can use your Human Design chart as a self-awareness and personal development tool. Thank you, Shailaja, for graciously sharing your experiences and insights!

Most of us grew up without much awareness of our own energetic sensitivities, so it is very common for us to be unnecessarily conditioned by other people, places, and events. The sheer magnitude of the pandemic has jolted many of us into exploring and understanding who we are at an energetic level.

I hope that reading this article will inspire you further to keep on understanding and using your energetic gifts more fully.

*Please note that this mini-analysis is not a diagnosis of Shailaja’s condition. This is merely a discussion using the Human Design perspective, with her permission to share.

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