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What Kind of a Writer Are You?

Analysis of Aimée Gramblin’s writing personality through her Human Design chart

Bingz Huang
Human Design by Bingz
6 min readDec 27, 2020


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I interviewed Aimée Gramblin a few months back on how she thrives as a Sensitive Writer. During the interview, I asked for her permission to do a basic reading of her Human Design chart as well.

There are some fascinating aspects in her chart that seem to correlate with her writing personality as well. So I’d like to share with you some of my observations.

As this is not a typical Human Design chart reading, I will not be explaining the usual basic terms in the chart. You might want to refer to this introductory article if you are totally new to Human Design:

Here is Aimée’s chart:

Aimée’s Human Design chart (with birth data removed). Source: Genetic Matrix

Writing as joyful work

When Aimée is aligned to her energy type as a Manifesting Generator, she is energized to work long hours each day to do the work that she loves, and she’s happy diving into many different projects or topics of interest too!

For Aimée, it is clear that writing is her joyful work.

“Through my Human Design chart, I’ve learned that my best strategy is to wait to respond to what life shows me as a Manifesting Generator. That is something that I haven’t fully trusted within myself. But everything seems to be very much in alignment with Medium and writing. I’m not earning a lot, but I’m learning so much. It feels like it’s opening doors to other things.” ~from our interview.

She is a prolific writer who writes on a huge variety of topics, earning her Top Writer tags in 11 topics! She spends lots of energy and time running her publication — Age of Empathy, too.

I particularly love how she shows her love for various topics through this fun article:

Soulful essays

When you have a defined Identity center, your identity stays consistent throughout your life. It can be difficult for you to try to blend in because of your fixed identity.

Aimée’s Identity center is connected to her Throat center through defined Channel 8/1. This is why it is natural for her to write about her deep sense of self. It must have felt very restrictive for her when she stopped writing for many years while being a stay-at-home-mom since 2008.

Perhaps this is why Aimée found deep healing when she started writing her memoir in late 2019. Writing a memoir is a beautiful act of expressing and embracing who you are throughout your life. After writing her memoir, it became much easier and more fulfilling for her to write many beautiful and lyrical personal essays that reveal a lot about her deep sense of self.

Because she has such a strong sense of self, she probably would not enjoy ghostwriting or doing other freelance writing jobs. Being an author and writing in her unique voice expressing her unique sense of self is her best strategy.

An ambassador of Nature

In her Medium profile, Aimée says she’s “smitten with nature”. She shares a lot about how she receives both healing and inspiration from being with nature and from gardening. You can see this in many of her articles.

Through her Human Design chart, I see how this deep connection with nature is closely related to her defined channel 15/5 connecting her Identity center to her Sacral center. A defined Gate 15 indicates a consistent love for humanity and nature.

As she has an undefined Root center that might pose a challenge of getting easily overstimulated by others, connecting with nature consistently might help her feel more grounded and calmer too. When she gives herself a good physical workout doing gardening work, it helps her to build a healthier defined Sacral center as well.

Clear and strong leadership

Aimée, with her Profile 5/1, is wired to be a charismatic leader that can help solve her audience’s problems in a practical way. In addition, her entire Human Design chart is strongest in the collective circuitry, which means she is able to sense what might need to be changed and improved collectively.

I love that Aimée courageously and clearly calls out what’s worrisome and needs to be corrected in the collective. Sometimes, she addresses her articles to the community of writers on Medium in these articles:

Sometimes, she calls out other societal issues:

I see her leadership through her creation of Age of Empathy publication, offering a space for fellow writers to publish soulful articles in her publication, and guiding other writers (including me) to be co-editors too!

A friendly and sensitive writer

With an undefined Emotional Solar Plexus center, Aimée can feel others’ emotions intensely in herself, and this makes her a natural emotional empath.

Perhaps this quality in her helps her feel the nuances in emotions in articles and poems written by other writers. You can see this in the way she replies thoughtfully to other writers.

Aimée’s feedback

I’m so excited to share Aimée’s feedback on my analysis with you! Here’s what she wrote:

“As I’ve learned more about Human Design, more and more resonates with me. I’ve been nudged and called to lead throughout my life, but have been hesitant to do so until reaching my forties. As a young child and up to my forties, I struggled with accepting my unique idea and standing out from the pack. Now that I embrace my uniqueness I find it rewarding to lead and inspire.

Nature has been a grounding force throughout most of my life. I felt much more grounded and mindful when I worked as a gardener at a botanic garden. Now that it’s not a requirement to show up to garden, I need to remind myself to do so. Even going in the backyard and observing the creatures around me lights me up and also grounds me. It inspires me to daydream, and generate new ideas to share. I think being in nature is where I find the most wonder and joy. It’s where I feel the most grateful for this experience of living.

It is reassuring to see my Human Design chart reflect the aspects of myself that I’ve begun integrating in my forties. Yes, I am empathic. Yes, I am an unique. Yes, I am a leader. Yes, nature is vital to my grounding and mindfulness. Yes, I feel deeply and am inspired to share what I learn with others. I’ve begun saying yes to my innate abilities and it feels so good!”


I hope that this little case study helps you to appreciate the connection between one’s Human Design chart and personality as a writer.

Much gratitude to Aimée Gramblin for allowing me to feature her as the first case study and for including her beautiful feedback!

Please stay tuned for more case studies coming up soon. :)



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