Visia: Our Seed Financing & Vision For Inbound Visibility

Seeing Through Material To Empower Recyclers With Accurate Composition Data

Raghav Mecheri


Introducing Visia

Today marks three years since we first set foot in a recycling facility. BinIt has evolved an extraordinary amount in that time, thanks in no small part to all of the early believers and industry leaders that bought into our vision for the product right from day one.

Armed with everything we’ve learned from the 1000+ recyclers we’ve had the privilege of spending time with over the last few years, we couldn’t be more excited to launch Visia: the recycled materials industry’s first true material visibility platform.

Visia is recycling’s first true material visibility platform, capable of detecting material regardless of occlusion

Announcing Our Seed Financing

We’re also delighted to share news of a $6.4M seed financing, led by the indomitable Alex Hartz and the team at Shine Capital. We are grateful to include Background Capital and a group of incredible angels among our supporters, joining our steadfast early believers at Neotribe.

BinIt is hiring across functions! If you enjoy working with some of the best and brightest on challenging problems that can make a global impact, we’re the place for you.

Our Vision

X-rays & Cameras for Complete Material Visibility

Visia (by BinIt) offers clients access to the recycling industry’s first AI-powered material visibility platform that is capable of seeing through burden depth and categorizing material across end markets.

Our proprietary blend of X-ray and camera data, in conjunction with our industry-leading AI platform, means that we offer complete visibility into inbound material streams. Visia’s AI looks past what just humans or regular cameras might see to automatically track, tag, and react to material types and object frequencies, regardless of burden depth and item visibility.

Our proprietary hardware gives Visia complete visibility into the material moving through your facility

Our First Frontier: Fires

Complete inbound visibility allows for a wide range of potentially transformative applications: safety monitoring, AI-powered operations insights, automated compliance, and much more, especially as our capabilities expand.

“Lithium battery fires = Existential Threat to Recycling” — RethinkWaste (via Vice)

Most immediately, however, we’re proud to have set our sights on the industry’s most serious problem: battery fires. We’ve helped detect, divert, and react to over 25,000 hazardous items at early adopters across the country. Rather than posing a threat to staff and infrastructure, these items — which include batteries, propane tanks, and toner cartridges — are detected within seconds and removed from feed lines.

Visia’s AI detects hazards like batteries through obstructing material in seconds

Visia has the power to make fires caused by invisible, inbound safety hazards like batteries a thing of the past.

Reach out to learn how BinIt can help detect batteries in your material stream

Up Next: Leveraging Data for Operational Gains

Our first priority will always be offering excellent service to our existing customers. Damage from hazardous items is the single greatest challenge our industry faces, and we’re committed to being the solution to a problem that we believe will be only more pressing as battery production continues to increase exponentially.

In parallel, we aim to begin working with customers to explore how Visia can help empower optimized operational decisions at the facility level. Those of us here at BinIt hold a deep conviction that accurate, real-time material breakdown data can dramatically empower owners and operators, improving safety, efficiency, and employee experience across the recycling supply chain.

Most of all, as we embark on the next phase of growth and innovation for BinIt, I want to take this opportunity to thank every single operator that has worked alongside us over the last three years. We would never have made it this far without your support, feedback, and input. We’re truly grateful and are excited to continue driving value at your facilities.



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