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Dear Bostonians and BINJ Family Everywhere,

Innumerable nonprofits and causes, many benevolent and others less so, have probably bombarded you for money since that sleazeball won the White House. It’s never been easier to pander to decent Americans, all of whom are looking for some answers. We don’t have to fake it though. We started the Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism to publish and amplify the very kinds of voices that are disregarded by the likes of Trump. And we’re only getting louder.

Our operation needs to at least double in size next year, which is one of many reasons that we need your support. Like I wrote in a media essay for the great Bill Moyers, we are determined and prepared to prevail through any political darkness that looms. Between our syndicated columns, public access television news digest, podcasts, and intrepid feature reporting, we are also reaching more eyes and ears every day. And becoming a force to be reckoned with in Boston media. Which was the plan from the beginning.

I won’t keep you for long. I’ll just say that if you find yourself complaining about the pitiful and useless mainstream media, BINJ really is the antidote and answer. When you support independent journalism, you support all of your favorite causes at once. If you want to see more of the kind of stuff we do, then we kindly ask that you put some money where your hopes are. Check the bullet points below for several ways you can support us.


Chris Faraone, Editorial Director, Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism

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