Binwell Rapid Software Design was introduced at IEEE Conference

Slava Chernikoff
Nov 16, 2018 · 2 min read

During the FRUCT 23rd Conference Binwell’s “Rapid Software Design for Mobile Applications” methodology was introduced. You can find a presentation below.

Suggested approach helps to reduce the complexity and uncertainty during the development of mobile applications: from small (less than 10 screens) to large (100+ screens).

In a simple step-by-step way it’s possible to produce a lightweight documentation related to code and clear for all project team members (product owner, project manager, analyst, designers, architects, developers and QA engineers).

The core ideas behind the Rapid Software Design:
1. Mobile applications are primary a User Interface and software design algorithm should reflect it.
2. Name, group, color and number screens before coding. Use these names in your code.
3. Use lightweight Navigation Map to understand the user interface structure.
4. Use a Table of Screens to place the specs for every screen.
5. Create a project “skeleton” based on the Screen Groups and Navigation Map.

Using of Rapid Software Design helps to use an ubiquitous language and application structure for all team members. And it helps to reduce the uncertainty of code structure and prevent explosive technical debt grow for large and long running mobile projects.

Rapid Software Design Guide:
Demo of using Software Design:

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