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NOTE: Please submit unpublished drafts only.

Biotechnology is changing the world. People are slowly getting it, but we’re stuck in a cloud of technical mumbo-jumbo. That’s where we come in.

Bioeconomy.XYZ is a publication dedicated to making biotech and all its cool branches accessible to the general public. If you want to help bring biotech to a broader audience, then you should consider writing with us.

If you’re interested, then there are three steps.

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Hosting Bioeconomy.XYZ on Medium was an intentional decision. Medium exists to share ideas and perspectives from the world’s most insightful writers, thinkers, and storytellers. It is an equitable platform where writers can be compensated for their contributions, not based on our publication’s assesment of a piece, but instead on how their creativity resonates with the broader Medium community.

We want to encourage and empower everyone to participate in the conversation around biotechnology that will shape our collective future. To create our ideal community we ask that you consider tangibly supporting our writers. We rarely define things in science; most concepts are ever-evolving based on rigorous research and dialogue. To emulate this experience, clap for the pieces that inspire you and share your unique perspective by leaving a thoughtful comment. You won’t regret it.

1. Have a peek at our guidelines:

We value highly compelling and visually pleasing stories

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What to avoid

  • Already-published stories on another Medium Publication: unpublished drafts only — publications from non-Medium sources are ok.
  • Stock photography: Pick something beautiful. We’re telling stories here. Use free pictures from websites like Unsplash, Pexels, Burst, The Stocks.
  • Clickbait headlines: e.g “Fake burgers are the cure to all the world’s problems!” Seriously, we’re trying to make this a definitive source of info for the general public. Our credibility is paramount.
  • Aggressive call-to-actions: Just don’t go overboard.
  • Heavy self-promotion: Go ahead, talk about your cool science or awesome business, but write to inform, not to sell.

What we prioritize

  • Full articles in draft form: We’re happy to give you some quick thoughts about content before you go down the writing path, but your submission should be in the form of a full draft article. If you’d like a little feedback, email with your thoughts.
  • Stories behind Medium’s paywall: Medium has its Partner Program that allows writers to make money from their writing. Since we’re growing with you, this is a great way for you to be paid for your time. As part of our efforts to help as many writers as possible, we’ll prioritize publishing stories behind the paywall over free stories. Medium probably favors partner stories too — putting your story behind the paywall increases your chances of being featured and reaching a bigger audience. To join the program: the Medium Partner Program link on page.

Great resources that can answer your questions:

Contribute to our 2023 series:


The process of scientific discovery is hardly ever linear. It’s messy, convoluted, and often involves odd sources of inspiration. We want to hear about those Archimedes moments in personal scientific enlightenment and in groundbreaking breakthroughs. As we shake our heads and say “how the heck did you come up with that?” share with us the overflowing bathtub that galvanized the ingenuity. The more honest and random the better.

Science in Society

Science does not happen in a void. Let’s explore the relationship between biotech creation and the societal context in which it occurs. There are limitless angles to explore: history, policy, mores, psychology, scientific literacy, current events, and bioethics just to name a few.

Fundamentals Explained

Biotech is awesome. Non-negotiable fact on this platform. But achieving the end result takes a nuanced and technical understanding of the world and experimental design. Break it down and teach us something new. Make the complex uncomplicated.

There’s a Problem: Biotech Can Solve It

Between climate change, water shortages, and infectious diseases there are some pretty daunting issues facing humanity. We believe that collaboration with nature holds the key to many of the problems we face. Show us novel biotech solutions to our most urgent dilemmas.

The Business of the Bioeconomy

For innovations to leave the lab and make an impact, business is the vehicle for change. So what does it take to build a thriving bioeconomy? A successful launch plan requires funding, marketing, tech valuation, ecosystem development, and strategy. We want to learn about it all.

Biotech as Humanity’s Highest Art Form

Biotechnology is the result of humanity bringing its creativity to a collaborative experience with nature. We see the partnership as humanity’s best art form. Help us explore this intersection from the perspective of both the scientist and the artist. Maybe we will find that they are the same.

The Voices of Biotech — Crafting Careers of Impact

Contributing to the biotech that will shape our collective future is certainly compelling. Let’s talk about what it takes to establish a fulfilling and dynamic career. Let’s build that bioeconomy.

Topics we’re interested in to consider for the 2023 series

  • Synthetic Biology: Engineering Biology, Directed Evolution, Gene Editing, and New & Emerging Technologies.
  • Regenerative Medicine: Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Manufacturing, Cell Therapy, CAR-T, and New & Emerging Technologies.
  • Other Science & Technology Topics: There is so much going on, and we all want to know about it. Open topics related to biotech are always welcome. We want you to teach us as much as you teach others.
  • Careers: How to find jobs, best skills for job hunting, anything that will help our readers build a biotech career.
  • College, Grad School, and Continuing Education: What should we study, where should we go to school, who should we work with? Or, why we shouldn’t go to more school and how we can make our mark on the biotech world in our own way.

Timings: the 48-hour rule

  • We want you to reach our audience. Let’s make a deal so we don’t waste your time: if we don’t get back to you within 48 hours (from the moment you submit), please consider your story not accepted this time. Don’t let this discourage you from submitting your future drafts, though.

I’m an approved writer who got published in Bioeconomy.XYZ in the past but my recent submission wasn’t accepted. How long does it take?

  • Our 48-hour rule applies to every single submission. So if we don’t get back to you within 48 hours (from the moment you submit), please consider your story not accepted this time.

2. Please fill out the form below:

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NOTE: Please submit unpublished drafts only.

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