The Alchemy of IoT
Shirad Salaheddine

Great post! We completely agree at BioHiTech. We are doing “Thing 1” with food waste by not just being a waste solution but making disposal smarter by adding in sensors and data to allow BioHiTech customers to analyze their food waste better and allowing them to make smarter purchasing and operational decisions. We’ve also added the layer to check on the data remotely and we’re “crafty” with our very own mobile app.

As for “Thing 3” we also use the digester, the food and the smartphone as the Things that communicate over the Internet to share the data and have customers act upon it. BioHiTech is part of the Internet of Things because not only is our data helpful to individual customers, it helps us analyze food waste in general by industry and location and allows us to make informed decisions on food waste disposal.

At BioHiTech we’re also using all of our big data in AI with machine learning and we’re going to have a big announcement about our next big thing coming soon, so stay tuned!