BioLife — Meet The Team

No business venture is an island. It’s character and final product depend on the drive, style and creative abilities of the team behind it, not to mention advisers and clients who play an important role in shaping marketed products through the laws of supply and demand.

The same is true of BioLife. So, let’s get to know the people behind it.

Core team:

Genevieve Leveille — Founder of ACChain Technology International Service LTD., CEO, Co-Chair of the TechUK DLT Working Group. Member of the Estonian Electronic Resident Scheme. Genevieve has worked for world-renowned executives such as JPMorgan Chase Bank, Hewlett Packard, General Electric and Royal Bank of Scotland.

Serena Yin — One of ACChain sponsors, Sun Yat-sen University MBA. In 2015, Serena was awarded by Huaibei Municipal Government as Huaibei City Venture Innovation Consultant, dedicated to blockchain project consulting, business model design and incubation services. She has worked in the Venture Capital Exchange and is engaged in angel investment in artificial intelligence, smart home, and IOT.

Kejia Wang — Business Development Lead of the China Region for 0tentic8. Dabbles in finance, marketing and strategic consulting, involved in multiple projects in Fortune 100 companies. Played crucial roles in a number of international blockchain projects, provided support for communication, business development, roadshows, incubation, and exchange launching. Holds an Economic degree from University College London and a Management degree from London School of Economics.

Yuelin Liu — Chairman of Tinjoy Health Group, Yuelin Liu graduated from Tsinghua University EMBA. He is the Executive Director of the China Overseas Chinese Merchants Association, Executive Vice President of Shaanxi Overseas Chinese Merchants Association and Chairman of Shenzhen One Belt and One Road Investment Development Group. He started his business in 2007 and has made great advances in the industry many times. In 2015 he was awarded the title of Outstanding Young Entrepreneur by Zhang Sujiu, the Honorary Chairman of the American Chinese Association Union.

Advisory Team:

Wei Huang — Ph.D., Tsinghua School of Economics and Management, visiting scholar at the University of California, San Diego. Her main research areas include exploring the business value of big data and innovation of enterprise management model. She was awarded the X-lab Xinhe innovation scholarship of Tsinghua University.

Nakul Correa — A corporate financial engineer with more than 20 years of experience in international finance and banking, Nakul displayed his passion for economics while solving problems for SunPower and Hewlett-Packard about corporate/financial/operating funds. He is also a registered financial risk manager with Harvard and Brown degrees.

Leon Hill — A senior corporate counsel with nearly 40 years of experience, including U.S. Navy intelligence, corporate anti-spyware, helping with confiscation of drug assets at the San Diego Public Prosecutor’s office and FBI anti-money laundering investigation training at Quantico. Leon is a member of the California Bar and holds degrees from San Diego and Michigan State.

Leonidas Katsaitis — B.S.B.A. in hotel management from Glion International School and M.B.A in personnel management from HEC Lausanne. For 15 years he worked in Los Angeles Travel Agencies and as a Tour Operator. Developed and managed the Riding Club 5-star resort in Malibu Hills. Spent 13 years in Switzerland working in real estate development and project management. Has developed and managed hotels in Cyprus, Greece, the UK, India, and Bhutan.

ACChain Technology International Service LTD — ATIS is ACChain’s technical service company committed to developing a public chain anchored with physical assets and providing simple and convenient asset digitization tools for global assets. ATIS conducts open community management and maintains a global decentralized digital asset service platform for enterprise bottom-chain and application development services.

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