The Beggining

The infamous first app mentioned below.

So here it goes. My maiden voyage into the deep abyss of the famous valley labelled as “Programming”. I need to be honest here, it does look intimidating. BUT, (voila, there’s always a but) I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is that it feels pretty amazing. The bad news is I ended up banging my head against the wall a lot. Now, if you’re the kind of person who loves to pull their hair and madden themselves, sometimes over something as little as a missing symbol, I’d say dive right in, you belong here, because yes siree, you are qualified crazy.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s bad at all, portraying a bad picture is not my objective here. Besides, there’s a fine line between genius and crazy. When I created my first app, although it wasn’t really that amazing, only I know the amount of hard work I had to put in, learning everything from scratch, having very minimal programming experience prior to my new venture, to create that one layout page.

But when you create an app, people have expectations. Living in an era where technology is climbing to the zenith, having expectations is inevitable. And when people expect something that at least moves, but they are shown a birthday card on your mobile phone inside an app, looks of disappointment will always bestow upon you.

Honestly saying, even this birthday app didn’t come easy. Although I followed the instructions to the point meticulously in an online Android programming course, I stumbled upon a few obstacles. The first time I tried to install the app, what I saw was this:

The first try.

Just in case it misses you (I don’t expect it to), there is a little bit of blank space on the right and a lot of it on the bottom. Now, if this is your first ever app, and you’ve been spending two days straight on tutorials on how to build this on your own phone, this can be a setback, and a minor heartbreak. Well, I won’t lie, but I thought something as simple as this should surely work?

Don’t worry, it wasn’t a major problem. Turns out, I had to change the default constraint layout to a relative layout. It wasn’t a big deal. *wink*

But, if you try to show this to your parents or to your friends who have no background as a developer, they will simply dismiss it as useless and too simple. Although the harsh truth is that they are correct, but a little appreciation is always helpful, right? However, you can’t really blame them, your expectations probably would have been nothing less than flappy bird if anyone told you about creating an app. Because that’s the most rudimentary thing right? Not by a long shot.

But I don’t want this blog to sound like I’m ranting. Because that would certainly not be true. The feeling of Euphoria when you run an app which you’ve worked on is brilliant. You feel like you’re one step closer to making something that could rival whatsapp.

Okay, maybe I went a little bit too far.

MY POINT IS, that feeling is of real ecstasy. It makes you want to learn more, it forces you to think about all of the wonderful and marvelous things you could accomplish, it opens a whole new different world of ideas for you. Because now, the more creative you get, there’s a probability that one day maybe you could transform it into something real, something that could possibly one day dominate the virtual world.

After taking my first steps as a grasshopper in MUSoC, I’ve learnt the hard way that even creating a mediocre app requires a lot of skill and dedication. So as I dive in, one outcome of this journey is fixed, if nothing else — my empathy and newfound respect for fellow developers who work on this kind of stuff day and night.