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Update on the 2020 Bioneers Conference

Dear Bioneers Community,

Kenny and Nina and the entire staff and board of Bioneers send our deepest heartfelt wishes for you and your family and community health, safety and well-being during this time.

For the health and safety of us all, we’ve concluded that we
need to suspend the 2020 Bioneers conference. Between the unknown timelines of
both the coronavirus and the current economic reality, postponing the event
sooner rather than later feels like the right thing to do. For so many of us,
the gathering is the most inspiring, soul-nourishing and catalytic moment in
our yearly cycle, and we most certainly aim to be back in 2021 for a powerful
reunion. And the work does not stop in between, to say the least.

At this inflection point of transformative systems crash
that, as Bioneers, we all knew was inevitable, now more than ever it is vital
that we spread the voices of the Bioneers far and wide. As it turns out, we’re
well fitted to meet this moment.

Bioneers at heart has long been a media company. We were
already in process to expand our digital presence to include new live and
interactive online events, and now we’re accelerating that process. We’re also
exploring adaptive versions of an online “conference” later in the year.
There’s no one-to-one replacement of the live act but there are creative and
innovative ways to maintain and deepen our connections virtually that hold
great promise and may well expand the reach of the conference experience far beyond
the thousands who gather in California each year.

In reality, our media reaches exponentially more people than the conference. Over the past three years, because of your generous support, we’ve dramatically expanded our distribution and reach. The Bioneers Radio Series is on nearly 200 stations with 100,000 listeners weekly and passed half a million podcast downloads last year. Our keynote videos regularly feature on two national TV channels and on social media with an estimated 4 million viewers weekly. We’re moving strongly into video, having launched a short video series, “Seeding the Field,” that went viral, with more on the way. traffic has exploded as we continue to publish between 3–5 new pieces a week. We encourage you to check out our current series focused on coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic and check out the free download of the Ecological Medicine e-book, which couldn’t be more timely.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll let you know as
specific projects and events crystallize. We invite your participation and
support to amplify our collective efforts. We’re tripling down on disseminating
the most groundbreaking solutions, initiatives and ideas from so many of our
greatest visionary leaders from diverse communities, fields of endeavor, and
walks of life.

In this vortex moment of massive change, we need to
radically magnify our influence with the medicine the Bioneers community
brings. And above all, we wish all of you as much resilience, fortitude and mutual
aid as humanly possible to ride out this head-spinning swerve.

With Our Deepest Love and Gratitude,

Kenny Ausubel and Nina Simons and the entire Staff and Board
of Bioneers



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