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BIOPset Introduction

The freedom of choice
  • BIOPset is a on-chain pool-to-peer binary option trading protocol.
  • Contracts are based around the ERC1155 standard
  • Trading can occur on multiple currencies, all trades settle in ETH.
  • Read till the end to find out how to qualify for early adopter rewards

Fast RoadMap

Photo by María Noel Rabuñal Cantero on Unsplash
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V1 Features: 3 ways to earn

  1. 🏦 Stake ETH and Receive Pool Rewards.
  2. 👷‍♀️ Exercise/Expire Options
  3. 🎰 Buy Binary Options
  1. 💰 Fees.
  2. ⚖️ Available Trading Pairs.

Primary Goals Of BIOPset:

  • Low gas costs
  • trustless architecture
  • fairness & reliability

✈️ Early Adopter Incentives

How To Qualify For Early Adopter Rewards:



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