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BIOPset Roadmap

CoinMarketCap Listing

Making sure everyone who may want to trade decentralized, censorship-resistant binary options knows that the token is properly listed means listing BIOP on CoinMarketCap (“CMC”). This listing substantially increases awareness of BIOP.

Uniswap Liquidity Farming

Everyone staking BIOP and ETH in the Uniswap liquidity pool will begin to earn BIOP tokens for their efforts once liquidity farming on Uniswap is launched. The goal is to increase the token distribution and get more BIOP out into the hands of users.

First Trading Pair Vote

The very first trading pair to be supported on BIOPset will be chosen by BIOP token holders. The vote will be held in a few weeks.

Complete Audit

The smart contract audit will a while. The audit process has started. However, it will conclude 1–2 weeks later than desired.

Website Improvements

While the current website has been good enough for testing, a higher quality user interface is required for the Ethereum mainnet launch. This means pouring a lot of work into new interfaces.

Utilization Rewards Launch

Utilization Rewards will come online when the protocol launches.

Settlement DAO Launch

After deploying the protocol, the Settlement DAO will come online. This is the moment that the protocol officially transfers to the community of BIOP token holders.

ERC20 Options Launch

The EBOP20 standard is designed so that anyone who holds at least 0.0000000000000001 BIOP can open a new EBOP20. They may then enable binary options trading using their favorite ERC20s as the underlying asset.

Multichain Expansion

After getting everything working on mainnet, the next goal is to bring binary options trading to other Ethereum Virtual Machine (“EVM”) compatible chains and layer 2 (“L2”) solutions.

  1. BIOP is already listed on CoinGecko here.



The on-demand, censorship-resistant, peer-to-pool binary options settlement protocol.

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