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Protocol Launch Imminent

  1. The rework of BIOPset smart contracts has been received.
  2. The redesign of the BIOPset website is complete, and the landing page will be launched on Friday.

Protocol Launch Dependencies

On the backend, Shalaquiana and Uchenna Anyanwu are completing an internal review of the code rework received.

Frontend Requirements

The BIOPset website has been completely rebuilt using Creative Tim’s Paper Kit stylesheets. The frontend will be broken into two content buckets:

  1. Web Information (globally accessible —
  2. Web Application (USA restricted —
New BIOPset Landing Page

Gitcoin Bug Bounty

Finally, Shalaquiana is working on kicking off a bug bounty program on Gitcoin. There should be another announcement about this development in the next few days.



The on-demand, censorship-resistant, peer-to-pool binary options settlement protocol.

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