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Updated Timeline

A new timeline to help you understand where BIOPset is going (and when).

This timeline is based around Zero Hour instead of specific calendar days. Zero Hour is the opening of the v4 IBCO.

Zero Hour:

  • IBCO begins
  • Auditing of protocol contracts underway

This is where we are now (at time of writing). The IBCO will be going online within the next two weeks. At the latest 26/3/21.

T+14 Days:

  • protocol deployed
  • liquid democracy governance deployed

On the final day of the IBCO (which will last two weeks) the main protocol will be deployed. This includes the actual binary option settlement protocol as well as the liquid democracy governance system to administer it.

T+21 Days:

  • trading competition begins.
  • support for other chains comes online.
  • first round of BIOP improvement bounties opens.

One week after the launch of the v4 protocol we will know without a shadow of a doubt that it is working and we are providing the world a useful way to achieve decentralized binary option settlement. At that point it will be time to turn our attention to improving the user experience.

This means expanding our insights into the BIOPset ecosystem through actions like: new dune analytics tracking and the complete redesign of the betting interface (changes are being made before the launch but many more things are planned to come).

Want to be a part of the process? Join us on discord to help shape the course BIOPset will take to get bring binary option access to everyone!



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