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4 min readSep 19, 2022


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Alix Ventures: Supporting Early Stage Life Science Startups Engineering Biology to Drive Radical Advances in Human Health

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Overview 🔬

Announcing the launch of BIOS Talent— A first of it’s kind job board centralizing the real time openings of today’s leading TechBio Startups.

The Life Science sector with the rise of TechBio (Melding of technology & biology) is experiencing unprecedented innovation, a change we believe is leading to some of the most impactful solutions in decades.

BIOS has compiled the largest centralized TechBio job board to help you uncover the best opportunities within the ecosystem. Featuring the world’s leading builders on the cutting edge of life saving innovations search from over 300+ companies & discover over 4000+ TechBio job openings…

Nation Wide Coverage & International 👀

Looking for the the latest jobs in TechBio? Our database is constantly updating (multiple times a day) to pull in real time postings to find you the opportunity of your dreams! We are nation wide everywhere from Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago, Austin, & more, but as with Life Sciences our listings predominately center around the major research hubs below…

International: Canada & United Kingdom

Find Companies Across All Stages 🚀

The entrepreneurs & innovators that are building today’s breakout TechBio startups are looking for you!

Discover amazing TechBio opportunities along each company stage…

Seed: Zafrens, Glyphic, Galatea, Dynomics, Arda Therapeutics, Menten AI, Nabla Bio, Isolere, resistanceBio, Pearl Bio, Vibe Bio, amongst others

Series A: Xilis, 64x Bio, Elegen, Dyno, Gandeeva, Endpoint Health, Mantra Bio, Strand Therapeutics, Transition Bio, Teiko Bio, amongst others

Later Stage: Mythic Therapeutics, Mammoth Biosciences, Alloy Therapeutics, BigHat Biosciences, Arsenal Bio, Atomwise, amongst others

Public: Nautilus, Lyell, AbCellera, Twist Biosciences, 4D Molecular, Berkeley Lights, Recursion, amongst others

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