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BIOS: Nucleus of Life Science Innovation 🚀





Alix Ventures: Supporting Early Stage Life Science Startups Engineering Biology to Drive Radical Advances in Human Health

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“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.”

BIOS Overview 🌎

BIOS Community brings together innovation minded Life Science professionals, uniting Founders, VCs, Professors, Pharma, PhDs, & all those in between to join an exclusive, invite-only community focused on driving patient impact!

We welcome the best and brightest to grow your network, access exclusive events, gain insights through our original content, & keep a pulse on the ever evolving early stage startup landscape.

Peer Network 💪🏻

When you become a BIOS member you join a highly select group of peers. Members in our community have been hand selected for their unique perspectives and are here to share their talents. Expect open collaboration, diverse opinions/backgrounds, and an extended network at your fingertips! Our commons channel is the hub of BIOS — bringing together all of our specialized communities into a single place. Here, we’ll host our largest exclusive events, networking sessions, workshops, & more. Our invite-only professional communities are capped at 100 members to ensure high quality interactions.

Invite-Only Events 👏

BIOS holds a variety of invite-only events throughout the year for community members including lunch and learns, happy hours, &fireside chats. Past events have included talks on SynBio Platforms w/GFC, The Future of Telehealth & Virtual Care w/ Craft Ventures, and Lunch & Learns on CRISPR w/ Artis Ventures.

Special Resources ✨

As a BIOS member you have access to a multitude of resources available to better your startup or Fund, hire top talent, further your knowledge, save with tool/service provider discounts, & keep a pulse on the early stage life sciences ecosystem.

  • BIOS UpRound: Helping high potential startups gain anonymous feedback from high intent VCs to better align investors & founders within the Life Sciences community on next round milestones
  • BIOS Talent: A hand curated job board and candidate pool to connect high quality talent to growing startups. BIOS members will be able to post job openings and connect with top candidates
  • And so much more…

Exclusive Content 🧠

BIOS develops feature content & running series such as:

  • Special Editions: Feature perspectives highlighting topics of interest within the life science innovation ecosystem
  • 10/10 Series: 10 questions to 10 early stage Founders + VCs
  • Frontier Perspectives: Exclusive white papers on cutting edge technologies
  • Founder Spotlights: Profiles of early stage Life Science Founders
  • VC Spotlights: Profiles of top VCs investing in Life Sciences
  • BIOS Podcast: Interviews with top Life Science VCs, Founders, Industry Executives, Professors, & innovators of all backgrounds

We pride ourselves in featuring members of the community in our content & sharing the incredible stories with the rest of the BIOSphere 🌎

Communities 🚀

💫 BIOS Commons is the hub of BIOS — bringing together all of our specialized Life Science communities into a single place. Here, we’ll host our largest exclusive events, networking sessions, workshops, & more.

In addition to BIOS Commons, we also have specialized communities capped at 100 members for Founders, VCs, PhDs, Pharma, & Professors…

🧪 BIOS Founders is for breakout early stage Founders in Life Sciences. Here we’ll share thought leadership, provide access to mentors, investors, & help you grow your current venture or start your next one 😉. Join fellow Founders in our invite-only community, grow your network, access exclusive events, & gain insights through our original content.

🦠 BIOS VC is for top VC Partners in Life Sciences . Here we’ll share thought leadership, host exclusive networking events and seminars, and provide access to deal flow. Join fellow Venture Capitalists in our invite-only community to grow your network, share investments insights, build syndicates, access exclusive events, & keep a pulse on the ever evolving early stage venture landscape.

🧬 BIOS PhD is for high potential PhD students & Post-Docs in Life Sciences interested in entrepreneurship & Venture Capital. Here we’ll host fireside chats with PhDs turned founders and investors and provide workshops to help you commercialize your research or break into VC.

💊 BIOS Pharma is for top Pharma leaders interested in the Life Sciences startup ecosystem. Here we’ll provide fireside chats with up-and-coming and established biotech startups, as well as top biotech VCs, so you can keep up to date with the latest technologies / trends in Life Sciences.

🔬 BIOS Profs is for entrepreneurial Professors in Life Sciences who are interested in translating their research into high potential startups. Here we’ll provide fireside chats with successful Professor Entrepreneurs, workshop & networking events to help you find investors, hire top talent, & other resources for your ventures.

Join Now 🎉

To apply, fill out a short application linked below. We’ll get back to you shortly, and if it’s a good fit, we’ll welcome you to our community & Slack group…

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