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We’re excited to announce the launch of BIOS Builders — A new YouTube series focused on profiling breakout TechBio Startups featuring the world’s leading builders on the cutting edge of life saving innovations🔬

As we embark on the century of biology, the era of platform companies is just beginning. The Life Science sector with the rise of TechBio (Melding of technology & biology) is experiencing unprecedented innovation, a change we believe is leading to some of the most impactful solutions in decades.

On this show, we interview the founders & executives of the most exciting life science ventures today who are pushing that leading edge of TechBio. Each episode sheds light on the journey of these leaders and their breakthrough ventures. We highlight their origin stories, discover how they overcome major challenges, and explore the great beyond of what comes next for their vision.

Guests on the Show 🌟

Each episode of BIOS Builders stars our guests — the entrepreneurs, idealists, and innovators that are building today’s breakout TechBio startups — such as: Mammoth Biosciences, Nautilus Biotechnology, Alloy Therapeutics, BigHat Biosciences, among others.

Topics We’ll Explore 🔬

BIOS Builders explores the stories behind some of the more transformative biotechnology companies. Each episode features the builders themselves — their story, vision, and steps into the frontiers changing the Life Science Industry today. Our goal is to inform and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs with insights from the emerging leaders in the field…

Some stories we are excited to share with you include…

  • Deploying novel CRISPR applications for disease detection, research, agriculture, biodefense, & more with Mammoth Biosciences
  • Democratizing access to foundational drug discovery platforms & services with Alloy Therapeutics
  • Developing an antibody therapeutics design platform guided by artificial intelligence with BigHat Biosciences

Checkout Our Episodes…

Trevor Martin is Co-Founder & CEO @ Mammoth Biosciences which enables the next generation of CRISPR-based synthetic biology products across therapeutics and diagnostics, including a novel class of affordable, effective, and rapid CRISPR-enabled molecular diagnostics that allow individuals worldwide to better understand their health and a novel family of CRISPR Cas14 proteins that can enable in-vivo editing. Trevor earned his BA from Princeton University and his PhD in Biology from Stanford. His work has been featured in outlets including FiveThirtyEight and The Atlantic. He is the featured healthcare honoree on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, is on Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list, and is a Malaria No More “10 to END” innovator.

Mammoth Biosciences is harnessing the diversity of life to power the next generation of CRISPR products. Through the discovery and engineering of novel CRISPR systems, the company is enabling the full potential of its platform to read and write the code of life. Mammoth aims to develop permanent genetic cures through best-in-class in vivo and ex vivo therapies and to democratize disease detection with on-demand diagnostics. By leveraging its internal research and development and exclusive licensing to Cas12, Cas13, Cas14, and Casɸ, Mammoth can provide enhanced diagnostics and genome editing for life science research, healthcare, agriculture, biodefense and more. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Mammoth Biosciences is co-founded by CRISPR pioneer and Nobel Laureate Jennifer Doudna and Trevor Martin, Janice Chen and Lucas Harrington. The firm is backed by top institutional investors including Redmile Group, Foresite Capital, Senator Investment Group, Sixth Street, Decheng, Mayfield, NFX and 8VC, along with leading individual investors including Brook Byers, Tim Cook and Jeff Huber.

Sujal Patel & Parag Mallick — Co-Founders @ Nautilus Biotechnology

Sujal Patel is Co-Founder & CEO @ Nautilus Biotechnology, a company at the intersection of innovation. Nautilus is building a high-throughput, low-cost platform for analyzing and quantifying the human proteome. Prior to Nautilus, Patel founded Isilon Systems in 2001, a storage company that built for the future of unstructured, file-based data which required a new storage paradigm. In 2006, Isilon completed one of the most successful initial public offerings of the year. From 2007 to 2010, Patel, as CEO, led Isilon during a period of profound growth, improving operating margins from -37.5% to +20%.

Isilon was acquired by EMC in December, 2010 for $2.5 Billion. Patel served as the President of EMC’s Isilon Storage Division from the acquisition until November, 2012, driving significant revenue growth, market expansion and organizational scale.

Prior to EMC and Isilon, Patel served in various engineering roles at RealNetworks, Inc., in part as chief architect behind the company’s second-generation core media delivery system.

Patel holds nineteen patents in the areas of storage, networking, and media delivery, is a well-known speaker on entrepreneurship, and has received a variety of industry awards. Currently Patel serves on the board of directors at Qumulo and Rainier Scholars.

He graduated from the University of Maryland College Park in 1996 with a degree in Computer Science.


Parag Mallick is Co-Founder & Chief Scientist @ Nautilus Biotechnology and an Associate Professor at Stanford University. Originally trained as an engineer and biochemist, his research spans computational and experimental systems biology, cancer biology and nanotechnology. Mallick received his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis. He then obtained his Ph.D. from UCLA in Chemistry & Biochemistry, where he worked with David Eisenberg. He completed Postdoctoral studies at The Institute for Systems Biology, in Seattle, WA with Dr. Ruedi Aebersold. Beyond studying fundamental disease mechanisms, his group has been pioneering novel approaches for enabling personalized and predictive medicine. Most recently, his group has been developing model-based and physics-based approaches to machine learning that enable learning over domains that span a wide range of time and length scales.

In addition to his academic training, Mallick is also an accomplished magician. Mallick is a member, and frequent performer at the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood. He has performed all over the world for clients ranging from A-List Celebrities to Fortune 500 companies.

Errik Anderson is a bioengineer, entrepreneur, and investor who has founded or co-founded seven venture-backed biotech companies, including Adimab, Alloy Therapeutics, Compass Therapeutics, Alector, Arsanis, and Avitide.

He is currently Founder & CEO @ Alloy Therapeutics, as well as CEO of his single-family office, Ulysses Diversified Holdings. Errik started his career in venture capital at Lehman Brothers Venture Capital and worked at Bristol-Myers Squibb in Marketing. He is Chairman of the Board of Governors at Major League Rugby and an owner of The New England Free Jacks professional rugby team. He received his AB in Economics from Dartmouth, MBA from the Tuck School of Business (where he graduated as a Tuck Scholar), and studied Bioengineering as a graduate student at Thayer School of Engineering.

Mark DePristo & Peyton Greenside — Co-Founders @ BigHat Biosciences

Mark DePristo is Co-founder & CEO @ BigHat Biosciences, an early-stage Bay Area startup developing an AI-first experimental platform to radically reduce the difficulty of designing antibodies and other therapeutic proteins. Mark founded and led the Genomics team in Google Brain, was Vice President of Informatics at SynapDx, and co-director of Medical and Population Genetics at the Broad Institute. He has a BA in Computer Science and Math from Northwestern University, a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Cambridge as a Marshall Scholar, and was a Damon Runyon Fellow at Harvard University in evolutionary biology. Dr. DePristo’s academic articles are widely published and have received more than 91,000 citations.


Peyton Greenside is Co-founder & CSO @ BigHat Biosciences. A pioneer of deep learning applied to life science problems, Peyton has developed computational, statistical, and AI/ML techniques to model, understand, and optimize biological sequences in academia and industry. Peyton was an inaugural Schmidt Science Fellow, a computational biologist at the Broad Institute, a scientific founder of Valis, and holds a PhD from Stanford University (Accel Innovation Scholar), an MPhil in Computational Biology from Cambridge University (Herchel Smith Scholar), and a BA in Applied Math from Harvard.

Mark Chao is Co-founder & CEO @ TenSixteen Bio, a budding precision medicine company focused on age-related diseases. Prior to TenSixteen, Mark was Vice President of Oncology Clinical Research at Gilead Sciences, and a visiting scholar in the Division of Hematology at Stanford University. In addition to TenSixteen, Mark has led a variety of other entrepreneurial ventures. From 2014 to 2020, Mark co-founded Forty Seven, a clinical stage immuno-oncology company which was acquired by Gilead for $4.9 billion. In 2015, he co-founded HepaTx, a regenerative medicine company. Mark holds an MD and PhD from Stanford University, and a BA in Biology from Case Western.

Jimmy Lin is CSO @ Freenome, a company with a unique multiomics platform that combines both tumor and non tumor signals with machine learning to detect cancer in its earliest, most treatable stages using a routine blood draw. Prior to joining Freenome in 2019, Jimmy served as CSO for Oncology at Natera, a global genomics diagnostics company. From 2014 to 2015, Jimmy led the intramural clinical genomics group at the National Cancer Institute. Jimmy holds an MD and a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Medicine from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, a Master of Health Sciences in Bioinformatics from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, and a BS in Cognitive Science and Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry from Yale.

Jimmy is also Founder & President of Rare Genomics Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting patients with rare diseases to world-class physicians and scientists.

Dyno Therapeutics is pioneering an artificial intelligence (AI) powered approach to gene therapy. Using machine learning and quantitative high-throughput in vivo experimentation, we are inventing new ways to design gene vectors with a focus on cell-targeting capsid proteins from adeno-associated virus (AAV), the most widely-used vector for gene therapies.

Prior to founding Dyno, Eric led a team to develop the technology underlying Dyno’s artificial intelligence powered capsid engineering platform in George Church’s lab at the Wyss Institute of Harvard Medical School. There he measured the first comprehensive fitness landscape of the adeno-associated virus (AAV) capsid protein and co-discovered the AAV MAAP gene. He earned a PhD in Systems Biology from Harvard University and a BS in Physics from Caltech. Under Eric’s leadership Dyno has raised over $100M in VC financing, including a 2021 Series A led by a16z and signed partnership with world-leading gene therapy companies (Novartis, Sarepta, Roche, Spark and Astellas). Dyno was named Xconomy’s 2020 Startup of the Year and Eric was recognized as one of Endpoint’s 20 under 40 next-gen biotech leaders in 2021.

Tim Lu has served as CEO since he co-founded Senti Bio in 2016. Lu joined the MIT faculty in 2010 in the departments of Biological Engineering and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. In addition, Lu has been a co-founder and a Scientific Advisory Board member to a number of biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies, including Tango Therapeutics, Synlogic, Engine Biosciences, BiomX, Corvium, and Eligo Bioscience.

Lu earned his M.D. from Harvard Medical School and his Ph.D. in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology as part of the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology Medical Engineering and Medical Physics Program. Lu has extensive experience in the field of synthetic biology and has received numerous awards: NIH New Innovator Award, US President Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, MIT Technology Review’s TR35, Navy and Army Young Investigator Prizes and others.

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