We are BioScout

Saron Berhane
Sep 24, 2018 · 2 min read

What defines Us

BioScout was born out of the frustration of a PhD candidate and two honours students from the University of Sydney who realised there was no efficient way of tracking the spread of plant and human airborne diseases.

Realising this, we began developing a state-of-the art preventative monitoring platform that allows growers, agronomists and researchers to track and monitor disease spread in their fields. By providing them with detailed data-driven disease maps, they are able to see where, when, and what is endangering their crops. Using this information, users have peace of mind about their crops health, yield quality and can minimise financial losses due to yield cuts and fungicide application.

The Team

As a team of engineers and scientists, we are passionate about using technology to solve growers issues surrounding disease monitoring, biosecurity and crop health. With years of experience spanning mechatronics, biomedical, software & mechanical engineering as well as the medical & agricultural sciences, we value interdisciplinary collaboration, innovation and the creation of meaningful, evidence-based solutions.

Meet Henry

As a mechanical and hardware engineer, Henry completed his Honours thesis at the end of 2017 where he investigated the application of BioScout’s technology in agriculture and developed BioScout’s sample capture device. Henry’s interests include rapid manufacturing, where he has a growing collection of 3D printers. When he’s not 3D printing, you can find him working on his ex-Rural Fire Service 94' Hilux.

Meet Josh

Josh is our software engineer who has a deep love of machine learning and industrial data analytics. With extensive industrial consulting experience, he brings a wealth of management and professional software development expertise. In his spare time, he enjoys solving maths and computer science problems over a quiet beer.

Meet Lewis

As a PhD candidate, Lewis draws on his mechatronics and biomedical engineering background to direct the build and organisation of BioScout’s integrated tracking platform. He’s not only passionate about airborne disease surveillance but is an avid battery and UAV enthusiast too. When he’s not in the lab, you can find him hiking and camping in the Blue Mountains (or anywhere with a sweet view).

Meet Saron

After completing her honours thesis building BioScout’s automated analysis system, Saron uses her biomedical engineering, infectious diseases and microbiology experience to inform new plant and human investigation decisions. She has a keen interest in epidemiology, disease identification and stakeholder management. Out of the BioScout HQ, you can find her organising community events while taking every opportunity to improve her photography skills.

(L to R) Saron, Lewis, Henry and Josh.

Saron Berhane

Written by

Do-er of things and sometimes an Engineer | Founder @BioScout | @Afrikapital 📍Sydney, Australia



Disruptive deep AgTech startup using state-of-the-art tech to capture, identify and stop the spread of airborne diseases.

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