New category for submissions and new way to protect your identity

I have two announcements to make to you all today. One comes in the way of a new category for submissions, the other is in a way of protecting your identity should you want to submit an article but fear stigma or backlash.

Diary category

The new submission by Rose Cheval titled The Fucked and the Fuckable debuts a new category of Diary entires. Here’s the way I’m currently wrapping my head around this category of posts: if you have something that is just in your inner thoughts (or perhaps even an actual diary entry) that you wish to share, feel free to submit if you feel it will speak to the everyday mental journey of those suffering with mental illness. Or perhaps it could even be a positive entry in your life, something so tiny but is so important. Whatever the case, be creative.

I often feel a lot of folks who don’t understand mental illness miss that we are capable of intelligent thought, success, and carry a lot of wisdom worth sharing. Now is a time to shine that light, and show that there is more to someone with mental illness than that diagnosis.

Anonymous submissions

We recently published an article titled I am the Missing Intersection. The author of that article wanted to share it, but was apprehensive to do so with their name on it. It was perfect timing for me to pilot an idea I had been stewing on: Anonymous submissions.

The article is published under my name, but at the start of the article it reads, “ Written by Anonymous 🐼, posted with permission.

I know how hard it is to speak up and out about one’s mental health. I often say things, or publish stories, and a day or two later, or even a month later, I’m regretting it and questioning its wisdom. I usually just toss it up to the wind. But I can completely understand, because the stigma is insane. Yeah, I did that.

So, if you have a story you wanna share, but are afraid for fear of the stigma and potential backlash, please consider contacting me via Twitter DM (handle is babylontales) or via email at

Bonus round: Bipanda

In case you’ve missed it, we have a mascot. The panda emoji. Or as I like to call her for short, Bipanda. Bi for Bipolar, but also for the fact that we are more than one. We are bipolar, depression, PTSD, whatever the case. Bipanda is the answer.

This was a result of highly personal feelings of my own. When I was first diagnosed with bipolar, I discovered how much I hated the idea of using the two drama/theatre faces to represent bipolar. These faces: 🎭. One happy, one sad. PLEASE! That is such a pathetic, simplistic view of bipolar. If only it were as simple as being happy and sad. But where is irritability, or anxiety, or suicidal ideation, or, or, or? The list could go on and on. PLEASE! Sad and happy, my butt.

So, if you feel like me, maybe the panda emoji is for you. Or, as I like to call her, Bipanda. I currently wear as a badge in my Twitter name, and soon here on Medium (if it’ll let me). Maybe you’d like to do the same. Are you a Bipanda? It’s nothing to be ashamed about.

Much love!

+Nathan 🐼

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