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BirbSwap and What to Expect

We are excited to release our swap but want the community to know what to expect.

We had previously launched BirbSwap but received a lot of requests almost immediately to not use a secondary token, DBIRB. As many saw the price of BIRB fall and the price of DBIRB grow. This confused many of our community members so we did listen to the majority of our community and decided to close the previous swap. We opened a vote and 90% did not want a secondary token.

Important details about using a very limited and deflationary token as a reward token for a swap.

As you know, BIRB is very limited, and we calculated how much we can use for rewards. We have enough BIRB rewards for pools to last us until the 90% of Birb tokens are unlocked. Once unlocked Pool rewards would increase by a large amount.

For now, we have enough BIRB rewards for pools, and we also set aside a good amount for DBIRB to BIRB claims. Expect an announcement for DBIRB holders. Our team is creating a page with all information on the options you have as a DBIRB holder. It will be up between 16 Nov and 17 Nov, there will be a good exchange rate, and two options so everyone will feel better.

Since our BIRB tokens are very limited there will not be enough for farm rewards and only staking pool rewards. Farm rewards would have been too little and they would continue to get even smaller and smaller which would not be a great incentive to provide liquidity and farm. For this reason, we are not using a Masterchef contract but instead, we decided to use our partner’s router for ApeSwap. So there is no need to add liquidity on BirbSwap as we will have plenty.

The future of BirbSwap and being a top contender in Dex.

We are about to launch BirbSwap so we can show everyone what a swap without a secondary token would look like.

After much thought we decided that to be a top contender in the Dex industry, a secondary token would be required. This would strictly be used only for pool rewards and farm rewards. After careful consideration, voting in our upcoming voting platform would be powered by BIRB. The secondary token would have no use cases connected to it and is mainly a reward token. Yes, there would be special pools for holders of the secondary token.

We also have many plans to constantly update the look of our swap until it looks and works great on both Desktop and Mobile browsers.

We just thought it was a good idea to let the community know the thoughts of our entire team in regards to the future of BirbSwap.

Current holders of DBIRB will have the option to hold and get the newer token in return. There may be a name change for the secondary token. You will also have the option to claim BIRB tokens for your DBIRB. These would be two available options for DBIRB holders.

What is coming for Birb?

At this time, the majority of our team is focused on releasing our Birb NFTs and the NFT marketplace as soon as possible. After this, we can release phase 1 of BirbBattles, and our most important developments will follow.

Great News about Birb Casino, expect the launch between 16 and 18 November. We will have Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, Dice, and Birb Slots. Free credits will be available.

Thank you and have fun using BirbSwap!



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