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BirbSwap Audit Updates

BirbSwap Audit Updates

There is a total of 8 contracts for BirbSwap. This includes the updated referral rewards contract and many more.

We had gotten a quote from Hacken that was affordable. After their team reviewed again this quote is now $27,000 (wait 2 weeks to book). In the beginning, we were told a 3–5 days estimate time frame. The price is now $35,400 if done by Saturday and $54,400 done rushed (multiple teams).

We apologize as our priority was to use Hacken for our main swap contract, however, the updated price quote they provided us is much more than they initially quoted. However, as our price stabilizes we will be doing Certik audits on all contracts. 🦜

Our team will look into choosing the best decision for the main contract and we will make sure each contract is audited as quickly as possible and affordable but also very secure.

Our 8 contracts are currently being audited by DessertSwap. A trusted auditor we used for our main Birb doxxed audit. Payment was already sent and they are working on this now. The estimated time frame is 5 business days for all contracts. 🦜

The main swap contract will also be audited by another company, Solidity Finance. The main swap contract will be audited 2 times. 🦜

We also want to show you some of the updated prices we got from Certik so you can understand our situation. We were told a $12,000-$25000 estimated cost at the beginning and now we want you to see the prices we are getting from Certik:

Moon Package: Smart Contract Audit + Skynet + 750k Shield Protection for 84 days = $68,000 (2–3 weeks to start)

Growth Package: Smart Contract Audit + Skynet + 500k Shield Protection for 42 days = $48,000 (2–3 weeks to start)

Basic Package: Smart Contract Audit + Skynet = $38,000 (2–3 weeks to start)

We will not sell BIRB at these prices so this would come from the founder’s pocket. In the near future, as our project and price grow we will have the main contracts audited by Certik. 🛡️🦜 For now DessertSwap is working hard to audit all 8 contracts and Solidity Finance is doing a secondary audit on the main swap contract.

We want to mention that as our price stabilizes all of our Swap contracts will be audited by Certik. Our goal is to have all contracts audited by Certik in the very near future. 🦜



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