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BirbSwap Community Update

Hello Birbs🦜! We noticed many users have not unstaked their funds from Birb/Birb pool, so if you have not unstaked please use this link to unstake from any BirbSwap pools⚠️. Please also unstake from any inactive farms. 😌 (Click on Inactive tab)

Do not stake any tokens and please unstake any tokens. Right now all farms and pools are not gaining rewards as of now⚠️.

We would like everyone to unstake as soon as possible so that we may move on to our next phase for BirbSwap🦜. We are finalizing 2 different options for the long-term future of BirbSwap🦜. Once we finalize the details we will show these details to some community leaders of our different language🌎 telegram groups so they can also provide feedback. We want to decide on the best approach.😊

At Birb🦜 our highest priority is our community and for the value of BIRB to never be affected by a swap or token. We will find a solution that is fair for everyone and we will keep you posted on the next announcement.🦜

Please note: If anyone experienced any issues with BirbSwap when unstaking or any missing funds please remember to send an email to the support address: 🦜



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