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BirbSwap Update

First of all, we want to thank all of you for your support! The Birb team loves to listen to our community and the majority have been asking about DBIRB.

DBIRB will not be used on our upcoming swap. The team is working on a portal so that DBIRB owners can get some BIRB back in return for the DBIRB. We are working on a fair solution for DBIRB owners. We recommend you hold on to any DBIRB you may have.

Update on the updated BirbSwap. Several changes had to be made to the main swap contract. Our developers said this should be done and tested by Monday or Tuesday at the latest. The moment the smart contracts are ready we will send them out for auditing.

After the release of BirbSwap, we can thoroughly focus on our NFT Marketplace which is one of our most important upcoming developments.

Please note: In the near future BirbBattles will require a new token with special tokenomics for the long-term use of the game. Only at this moment, we will decide on using this same token for the swap as well. BirbSwap is being developed in a way that we can upgrade to any solution we see fit in the future. We do not want to rush a secondary token now when we may need one with special tokenomic requirements for one of our most important releases of this year.

Regarding removing liquidity or unstaking, if you have any issues please contact us at



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